Cyient strengthens its V&V factory with CyFAST to accelerate hyper-automation

    Cyient, a global leader in technology solutions, recently unveiled the release of an AI-Powered Framework for Automated System and Software Testing (CyFAST) to expedite end-to-end test automation. End-to-end test automation is supported across mobile, desktop, web, and embedded application and hardware platforms, resulting in a comprehensive framework for managing testing projects.

    About Cyient

    Infotech Enterprises Ltd. was founded in Hyderabad in 1991. In 2014, Infotech Enterprises rebranded as Cyient and was named one of the top 30 outsourcing businesses in the world in 2018. Cyient is a multinational engineering and technology solutions provider. The firm helps its customers to utilize technology creatively throughout their value chain to resolve important issues. The firm is committed to being culturally diverse, socially conscious, and environmentally sustainable.

    “CyFAST is yet another testimonial of Cyient’s commitment to delivering value to its customers through industry-centric technology-led solutions. While this platform’s benefits will have a bearing on almost every sector, the automotive, mobility, and medical device industries will witness significant impact through reduced test cycles and agility. Our platform has been built on a plug-and-play model with an integrated dashboard, enabling 50% faster time to market while delivering 30% cost savings through efficient test coverage and better productivity,” said Rajaneesh Kini, CTO at Cyient.

    The requirement to incorporate hardware, embedded, software, and networking aspects with the necessary domain knowledge demands businesses access varied talent sets at scale, manage software testing across a distributed environment With numerous platforms, and make large upfront investments.

    CyFAST tackles these issues by providing a unified framework that utilizes current automation assets to allow end-to-end system and software testing, as well as planning and scheduling multisite and concurrent test execution. This cutting-edge platform provides efficient and high testing of sophisticated systems and software by utilizing cognitive intelligence for risk-based testing, optimum test orchestration, and regulatory documentation.

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