Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #31

    We’re back with the 31st edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending Software Testing News for this week:

    SmartBear Named a Worldwide Leader in IDC MarketScapes

    SmartBear Named a Worldwide Leader in IDC MarketScapes, Software Testing News Trending in Testing, Photo from

    SmartBear has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Automated Software Quality and Continuous Testing for Digital Execution. The paper investigates Automated Software Quality (ASQ) adoption patterns and trends, as well as how they affect corporate success.

    Cignithon 2022 – A Global Testing Hackathon by Cigniti

    Cignithon 2022 - Global Testing Hackathon, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    Cignithon Global Hackathon on Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering & Software Testing by Cigniti is a two-day testing Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe Community. Participants will have the opportunity to test up to 3 items in the categories of Security, User Interface, and Functionality.

    Agile Testing Alliance announces Call for Papers for Global Testing Retreat 2022

    Agile Testing Alliance - Global Testing Retreat 2022 Call for Papers, Software Testing News, Photo from

    Agile Testing Alliance recently announced the opening of the call for papers for Global Testing Retreat 2022. The theme for this year’s conference is “Test beyond the obvious”  and to ensure a safer experience, this year’s conference will be conducted in virtual mode.

    Strike Security lands $5.4M seed funding to make pen testing more accessible

    Strike Security lands $5.4M seed funding, Trending in Testing Software Testing News, Photo from

    Strike Security, a continuous penetration testing platform that combines automation and ethical hacking to make bug hunting more accessible to small enterprises, recently announced that it has received a $5.4 million seed funding.

    Trending Software Testing Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Qualities of a good tester by Anindita Rath

    Testers are responsible for the overall quality of the project, keeping balance with the changing client expectations, and also to keep track on the tested project deliverables. Find out certain qualities that a good tester must possess in this article.

    On Untestable Software by Blake Norrish

    In this article, Blake has tried to convince that multiple orders of magnitude of difference in the difficulty of validating software systems actually exists and why it matter.

    Current Trends in Software Testing by Eran Kinsbruner

    Over the past few years, software testing has emerged from the wings. Now it is centre stage in software development, particularly as part of DevOps. In this article, Eran has written about some of the current trends in Software Testing.

    Should a Developer & Tester work in the same technology stack? by Rahul Parwal

    Rahul feels Context is not only the King but also the Queen, Jack, and everything when it comes to technology and problem-solving. In this article, he explains how can teams decide if Developers and Testers should be in the same technology stack.


    What are the 5 Stages of Penetration Testing? by Security Boulevard

    As per Cyberwarfare in the C-suite Report, global cybercrimes are anticipated to grow by 15% year-over-year until 2025. This article talks about five stages of penetration testing.

    How I was able to find 50+ Cross-site scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerabilities on Bugcrowd Public Program? by Takshal(tojojo)

    In this article, Takshal has written about how he was able to find 50+ Security vulnerabilities (Cross Site Scripting) in a Bugcrowd public program.


    7 Trends That Will Actually Change The Test Automation Market by Antoine Craske

    The pressure for digitalization pushes companies to accelerate their rate of software delivery to keep up with the competition. This article shares the key moves on-going in the test automation market so that companies can make better decisions while accelerating.

    Low-Code is The New Normal in Cross-Browser Test Automation by Eran Kinsbruner

    The cross-browser testing has significantly evolved over the years. In this article, Eran has written about some of the most popular frameworks and their low-code recording abilities.

    No code test automation is a game changer by Christian Brink Frederkisen

    An increasing number of organizations have recognized the limitations of manual testing, and have moved towards an automated approach. However, harnessing successful test automation isn’t always a simple process. This article gives the solution for this problem.


    13 REST API interview questions you need to know by The Educative Team

    REST stands for Representational State Transfer, which is the one of the most widely-used architectural styles for web services, microservices, and APIs today. This article covers 13 REST API interview questions that you need to know.


    Working with TestNG by Jagriti Sharma

    TestNG is an open-source test automation framework for Java. It provides control over the test cases and the execution of the test cases. This article given an overview of working with TestNG.

    The Truth About 20+ Open-Source Test Automation Tools. Simplified. by Antoine Craske

    Test automation has been accelerating with open-source for quite some time now. This article simplifies the main categories of open-source test automation to clearly understand what’s included and what’s not.


    Postman Essential Features for Testers by Saravanan Seenivasan

    There are a lot of features are available in Postman, which helps users to test the APIs. In this article, Saravanan has written about some essential features which help testers in their day to day activities.

    Cooking and Software Testing by Jency Stella

    In this article, Jency has written about several aspects of cooking that she thinks are really similar to what we also have in software testing. She has tried to connect the dots of a newbie in cooking with early Software Testers.

    QA-Friendly Development by Jedrzej Kaminski

    In this article, Jedrzej has written about how developers can try, with small mindset changes, to not only work more efficiently with QA but leave enough room for every member to be comfortable.

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