Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #3


    We are excited to present the 3rd edition of “Trending in Testing” Weekly Newsletter. Here are the latest updates:

    Trending News:

    1. The Test Tribe is back with TestFlix 2021 – Global Software Testing Binge – TestFlix software conference from The Test Tribe is back again this year. The aim behind the conference is to create a global stage where Software Testers from maximum countries can share their knowledge via Atomic Talks with others.

    2. Zomato will pay nearly Rs. 3 lakhs for finding bugs in its Website or App – Zomato announced on 15th July 2021 that the bounty for its Bug Bounty Program has been increased across severity levels. According to Zomato, depending on the severity of the vulnerability, an individual can win up to Rs. 3 lakhs for discovering a bug.

    3. Bugasura Bug Bounty Program launched by Moolya Testing – Bugasura is a bug tracker and reporter for modern teams that is easy, fast, and collaborative. They are attempting to make their customers’ lives easier by providing a basic and straightforward bug tracker that aids in the faster closure of defects.

    Trending in Testing:

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