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    We’re back with the 24th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    Worqference 2022: A Workshops only Testing Conference by The Test Tribe

    Worqference 2022 - The Test Tribe, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    Worqference 2022 – A Workshops only Testing Conference is a fusion of Conferences and Workshops by The Test Tribe. The event will feature 15 Atomic Workshops across 10 trending themes in 3 days.

    Apple’s Safari bug has been revealing people’s browsing history for months

    Apple's Safari bug has been revealing people's browsing history for months, Photo from

    According to a new report, a software vulnerability in Apple’s Safari 15 browser might allow any website to track users’ internet activities and possibly expose their identities on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS 15. People’s Google User IDs could also be exposed to other websites as a result of the vulnerability.

    LambdaTest launches HyperTest, world’s fastest cloud-based web app and website testing platform

    LambdaTest launches HyperTest, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    LambdaTest, a leading test execution platform, recently released HyperTest, a next-generation smart testing platform designed to facilitate enterprises in conducting end-to-end Selenium tests as promptly as possible.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    How to Learn Testing in 20 Days? by Rahul Parwal and Ajay Balamurugadas

    Software Testing is a budding and growing field. In this article, the authors have prepared a learning syllabus that beginners interested in Software Testing can refer to.

    Continuous Resiliency testing: Learning from failures by Arun Kumar Dutta

    In this article, Arun has written about how continuous resiliency testing assists application/product owners in steady learning from the failures.

    Top Software Testing Trends for 2022 by Timothy Joseph

    Software testing is a challenging and complex process that requires knowledge of many different areas. In this article, Timothy has written about some of the top software testing trends that will be seen in the year 2022.


    New technologies for test automation to watch in 2022 by Marcin Ludzia

    In this article, Marcin has described some new and some already existing test automation tools that are worth experimenting with within 2022.

    How Test Automation Can Help Drive DevOps Success by Daniel Jackson

    Test automation can be a wildly useful tool if you use it well. In this article, Daniel has written about how Test automation can bring DevOps projects to the next level, save time and maximize pipeline capacity for continuous testing.

    How Has Automated Testing Transformed the World of Software Development? by Qrius

    From the change management process to testing standards, automation has truly become a game-changer. In this article, the author has written about how Automation Testing has transformed Software Development.


    Advance Your API Testing Using JSON Schema on Your Test Framework by Ananda Aransa

    API testing has played an important role to ensure the quality of the API. In this article, Ananda has written about how users can advance their API Testing using the JSON Schema.

    Writing API tests in JavaScript with Pactum by Bas Dijkstra

    There’s no denying, that JavaScript is a popular language, and automation skills in JavaScript have quite a value. In this article, the author has written about API testing capabilities of Pactum.

    Want to Create REST APIs Without Any Server? Go Serverless by Manoj Ahirwar

    In this article, Manoj has written about how users can create their own APIs without having to worry about any servers.


    Emerging Test Frameworks to Focus on in 2022 by Eran Kinsbruner

    There are tremendous changes happening within the software test automation landscape. In this article, Eran has written about what is going to shape our test automation development in 2022.

    Appium Tutorial – Step by Step Android Automation by Nishith Shah

    In this article, Nishit has written a tutorial on Appium. He has covered the installation, launching the desktop application, Appium basic for Android Automation and much more.


    Chrome Extensions Used For Hacking by Abhinav Pathak

    Most hackers can use the extensions for the purpose to locate the broken links and determining whether a target website contains vulnerabilities. Abhinav has provided a list of such extensions.

    How digital bounty hunters search for software bugs—and money by Shira Feder

    In this article, Shira has given an overview of the lives of Bug Bounty Hunters. She has written about the history of bug bounties and how the whole bug hunting process works out.

    5 Things New with Bug Bounty Programs by David Bisson

    HackerOne’s latest version aims to expand the reach of its Internet Bug Bounty (IBB) program. In this article, David has written about 5 other things that are new with Bug Bounty Programs.


    Tips to Make Your QA Career Take Off In 2022 by Paulo Oliveira

    In this article, Paulo has written about 5 tips to make a QA career take off in 2022, and has also presented some goal ideas that people can set for themselves.

    Test to Sell! by Rahul Parwal

    “What are we testing for?” is a fundamental question that helps to explore the purpose behind testing. In this article, Rahul has answered the question – “Is testing or a part of testing also sales?”

    Why Every Software Tester Should Have A Personal GitHub by Hales

    In this article, Hales has written about the importance of GitHub and why every Software Tester should have their personal GitHub profiles.

    A Tester’s Expected Learning and Unexpected Challenges Voyage by Jency Stella

    In this article, Jency has written about her last 8 years of journey and how she ended up in the Senior QA Engineer role. She has also shared the lessons learned and the challenges she faced in her journey.

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