Worqference 2022: A Workshops only Testing Conference by The Test Tribe

    Worqference 2022 – A Workshops only Testing Conference is a fusion of Conferences and Workshops by The Test Tribe. The event will feature 15 Atomic Workshops across 10 trending themes in 3 days.

    About The Test Tribe

    The Test Tribe which is India’s largest software testing community, was founded in January 2018. Fast forward to this day, the community has hosted over 100 software testing events in India, including conferences, workshops, meetings, webinars, hackathons, and more, as well as several virtual events.

    The details of event are as follows:

    The Instructor Lineup for Worqference 2022 is as follows:

    • Robert Sabourin
    • Soumya Mukherjee
    • Marie Drake
    • Jess Ingrassellino
    • Srinivasan Sekar
    • Rajini Padmanaban
    • Corina Pip
    • Sai Krishna
    • Rohan Sharma
    • Jonathan Lipps
    • Lalit Bhamare
    • Anna Royzman
    • Kunal Ashar
    • Mukta Aphale
    • Anuj Magazine
    • Ajay Balamurugadas
    • Balaji Ponnada
    • Rahul Parwal

    Worqference 2022 will feature 15 Live Workshops on important topics by hand-picked Instructors, and will also provide Practical demonstration-based teaching. All the attendees will be provided a workbook for each session for post-event guidance. Apart from all this, attendees will be able to clear their doubts in a dedicated Q&A after each session and will also get a lot of networking opportunities.

    For further details and registration for the event visit Worqference 2022 – Workshops only Testing Conference.

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