Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #17

    We’re back with the 17th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    Trending News for this week:

    TestFlix 2021: Global Software Testing Binge – A Huge Success

    TestFlix 2021 by The Test Tribe, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    TestFlix 2021 by The Test Tribe Community was the second edition of the Global Software Testing Binge. TestFlix consisted of 100 atomic talks from 101 speakers from 22 counties and covered multiple time zones. It was one of the biggest software testing conferences with over 6000 registrations from 99 countries and 2300+ companies with over 2200 people in attendance.

    Qualitest partners with Bugcrowd to bolster Cybersecurity offerings for its customers

    Qualitest partners with Bugcrowd to bolster cybersecurity, Photo from and

    Bugcrowd, the world’s largest independent managed services provider of quality engineering and AI-powered solutions announced on 26th October, a partnership with Qualitest. With this partnership, Bugcrowd’s platform-powered Crowdsourced Security services will be available to Qualitest customers.

    ACCELQ Automation Hackathon 2.0 powered by The Test Tribe

    ACCELQ Automation Hackathon 2.0 powered by The Test Tribe, Photo from

    ACCELQ Automation Hackathon 2.0 powered by The Test Tribe is a 2-Day Online Automation Hackathon where the participants will get the opportunity to solve interesting automation challenges and have a chance to display their Mobile and Web Automation Skills.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Are Canary Releases an Alternative to Testers? by Vaishali Desarda

    In this article, Vaishali has given an overview of Canary Releases, she has also written about the benefits of Canary Releases, why Canary Releases can’t replace testing and more.

    Exploratory Testing with “Test Charter” by Sithira Pathirana

    In this article, Sithira has written about how users can speed up their exploratory testing with a massive test coverage using a “Test Charter”.


    Add Value with the Right Automation Strategy by Enrique A Decoss

    A good test automation suite is a must to validate functionality and several test scenarios with every execution. This article talks about how people can ensure that their testing strategy is sufficient to provide value to their customers.

    How Manual Testers Can Meaningfully Contribute to Test Automation by Geosley Andrades

    In this article, Geosley has written about one of the most debated topics today – manual vs. automated testing. The article covers the reasons behind the rise of test automation, what does it mean for manual testers, and more.

    The Journey to Reliable Automated Testing at Zillow by Jeff Strada

    In this article, Jeff Strada, a Software Engineering Manager at Zillow has written about his journey to help others who might be struggling with automated testing.

    Hyperautomation — The Future of Testing by Senuri Samindi

    In this article, Senuri has provided an overview of hyperautomation, and has also written how hyperautomation is different from automation, and why hyperautomation is essential for testing.


    API Load-Testing / Performance-Testing with Postman. Does it Really Work? by Valentin Despa

    Postman has become a synonym for trying out, testing, or debugging APIs without writing a line of code and many use it to test the performance of APIs. In this article, Valentin has written about why Postman is not the right tool for this job.


    Cypress: Automation Testing Tool by Crest Data Systems

    This article has given an overview of the most common automation testing types, and also talks about one of the most popular tools Cypress, and why it should be used.


    Unauthorized access to any user’s account by Vikram Naidu

    In this article, Vikram has written about one of his findings on a private program where he was able bypass the authentication mechanism.


    Life (of a Tester) as we know it by Mah Noor

    The life of a tester is not all sunshine and rainbows. In this article, Mah Noor has written about her journey of being a QA for the past 2 years and the lessons she has learned throughout.

    My QA Journey by Kelly Chin

    In this article, Kelly Chin, a QA Lead at Transpire has written about her 10-year journey and shares some valuable lessons to help others.

    We at “Trending in Testing” have started an initiative ‘Global Tester Series’. As a part of this initiative, we have interviewed some amazing Software Testers and we will be sharing their responses with our community.

    Interview with Pricilla Bilavendran

    Global Tester Series - Interview with Pricilla Bilavendran, Software Testing

    This is an interview with Mrs. Pricilla. Read the interview to find out the common challenges she faced as a tester, what are the upcoming trends in the testing industry according to her, and much more.

    Interview with Nisarg Kadam

    Global Tester Series - Interview with Nisarg Kadam, Software Testing

    This is an interview with Mr. Nisarg. Read the interview to find out how he paved his way into the RPA industry, what are the common challenges that he faced as an RPA Consultant, and much more.

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