TestFlix 2021: Global Software Testing Binge – A Huge Success

    TestFlix 2021 from The Test Tribe was the second edition of the Global Software Testing Binge. The aim behind the conference was to create a global stage where Software Testers from maximum countries can share their knowledge via Atomic Talks with others. TestFlix software conference consisted of 100 atomic talks from 101 speakers from 22 counties and covered multiple time zones.

    TestFlix 2021 was one of the biggest software testing conferences with over 6000 registrations from 99 countries and 2300+ companies. Over 2200 people attended the conference making it a huge success. Moreover, the conference was categorized into 12 themes and covered topics like Testing Skills, Security, Tools, API, AI ML, Management, Performance, Leadership and Management, DevOps, and much more.

    TestFlix 2021 was a 2-day conference and the opening session on both days was hosted by Lalit Bhamare. The conference covered many topics and a few of them are as follows:

    • Learn how No-code/Low-code can make you more productive by Ralf Roeber.
    • Testing is applied epistemology by Rahul Parwal.
    • The rise and benefits of Robotic Process Automation by Thomas Haver.
    • How to be a customer-obsessed tester by Prashant Hegde.
    • How to start a QA department by Anna Ondrish, and many more.

    TestFlix 2021 was sponsored by LambdaTest, ACCELQ, Sauce Labs, Kobiton, TestoMeter, Stryker, Cometa, Gten Technologies, TestProject, and Qase.

    The event was concluded by Ajay Balamurugadas who shared his thoughts on the topic – “My Testing Dreams”. Furthermore, the event also got an average attendee rating of 4.79/5.

    TestFlix 2021 comprised of 3 contests and the winners are as follows:

    • For Social Contest – Melissa Fisher
    • For Selfie Contest – Divya Gilhotra
    • For Treasure Hunt:
      • Jyesh Ranjan
      • Aditi Debnath
      • Poonam Gutte
      • Karthika Devi
      • Flora Thomas Parpatekar
      • Sahitya T.
      • Chandra Bhan Pandey
      • Pavan Pratap Dara
      • Aleksey Kraskovskiy
      • Raspreet Khanuja
      • Ashish Maheshwari
      • Dhrumil Soni

    “I had an amazing experience at Testflix 2021. It was indeed very special to me as I was making my debut as a speaker. The experience was seamless as it was a very well-organized conference. The audience was also very supportive which made it even easier for most of the speakers. While I visualized my talk I also had a set of learnings to take back from the presentation experience. Taking some tips and learning from other speakers also added to it. Already awaiting the next edition of Testflix. Had some great moments along with my family and close friends who cheered me so it was indeed very special,” said Mahathee Dandibhotla, Senior engineering lead quality at Persistent Systems.

    A few hours before the conference commenced, hashtag – #TheNextNew at TTT took over social media, and the big reveal of #TheNextNew happened in the opening session of day 1. The Test Tribe Community is organizing Worqference, a fusion of Conferences and Workshops on 4-5-6 March 2022, the event will comprise 15 workshops and cover 5 themes.

    Interested participants can grab their passes for Worqference.

    “Conferences are pretty common nowadays. But conferences with Atomic talks? Quite interesting right. Yes, that’s the idea of TestFlix. 100+ speakers all over the world and every talk is less than ten minutes. This was my first year at TestFlix. I prepared and sent my talk a few months before the event. Since it’s just the streaming of pre-recorded events I watched the conference as an audience. The entire two days were planned and organized in a clear manner,” said Pricilla Bilavendran, Senior QA Engineer at Billennium.

    “I loved watching my talk along with a few of my favorite people. That was a great feeling. I had a lot of my people in the audience who were so encouraging and actively commenting. They are all really kind to make every speaker feel special. I really felt special. That’s one of the close-to-heart conference talks I did. I will cherish these memories. Hope my talk was useful to at least a few. I had loads of learning from other speakers, they are all amazing. I will definitely be a part of upcoming events with The Test Tribe and of course excited for TestFlix2022,” she added.

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