TestFlix 2022: The Test Tribe announces the opening of the Call for Papers

    The Test Tribe Community recently announced the opening of the call for papers for TestFlix 2022. This time, the ‘Call for Papers’ for TestFlix would be different, with two phases. This is done so that the process can be made as simple and quick as possible for people who are willing to submit.

    About TestFlix

    TestFlix is a prominent software testing conference in the testing community conducted by The Test Tribe Community. The aim behind the conference is to create a global stage where Software Testers from maximum countries can share their knowledge via Atomic Talks with others. TestFlix software conference consists of 100 atomic talks from 100 speakers from all over the world and covers multiple time zones.

    Why should you present at TestFlix?

    • Reach a bigger audience. Last year’s TestFlix campaign had a reach of 6-7 million people.
    • Assist tens of thousands of people in improving their work and making a difference.
    • The chance to participate in an event with some of the world’s leading testing experts.

    Submission for Call for Papers

    The submission for TestFlix 2022 – Call for papers will be done in two phases this year.

    Phase 1:

    1. Choose a theme, a topic to speak about, subtopics to address, and important takeaways.

    2. Record a one-minute video containing the title of the lecture, the topics covered, the importance of the issue, and the audience’s takeaways.

    Note: Phone recording will also work.

    3. Submit the video here by May 15.

    Themes for TestFlix 2022 are as follows:
    • Web 3.0 (Metaverse, Crypto, Blockchain, etc.)
    • DevOps (CT, CI, CD, Execution Strategy)and Agile
    • Testing Skills & Mindset
    • Automation (Web, Mobile, Desktop, API, Visual, etc.)
    • AI ML (Testing AI ML, AI ML in Testing)
    • Systems Thinking (Design, Architecture, etc.)
    • Security & Performance
    • Accessibility, Usability, Internationalisation
    • IoT, Phygital (AR-VR, Smart TV, Medical Devices, etc.)
    • API, Microservices, Contracts
    • Leadership & Management
    • Career Paths within and beyond Testing
    • Customer Data Platform (ETL/DWH, Database, Big Data, Data Management, etc.)
    • Testing Enterprise Solutions

    Phase 2:

    1. By June 15th, qualified talks from Phase I will be notified via email.

    2. Record your final Atomic Talk Video, which should be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 minutes, according to the abstract submitted in Phase I.

    3. Follow the instructions in the same qualification email to submit the final Atomic Talk Video.

    For more details about the same interested people can visit The Test Tribe – TestFlix 2022: Call for Papers.

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