Testsigma raises $4.6 million in seed funding led by Accel, STRIVE

    Test automation platform Testsigma has raised $4.6 million in seed funding headed by Accel and STRIVE, with BoldCap and a slew of other well-known entrepreneurs and operators joining in. The funds will be used to expand Testsigma’s core engineering and product teams, as well as to grow with and for a global community of testers, test automation engineers, and developers.

    About Testsigma

    Testsigma is a brand-new, all-in-one method to test automation that unites the fragmented test stack. It comes with everything you need to automate tests for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs right now, with no complicated setup or integration required. Freshworks, IEE, American Physiological Association, and HP are just a handful of the industry-leading companies who are currently using the platform.

    Rukmangada Kandyala, founder and CEO of Testsigma, said, “Today’s test stack has made test automation more about writing and maintaining scripts than about taking quality software to market as quickly as possible. What we’re trying to do at Testsigma is not just simplify test automation to speed up the testing, but also make it a sustainable, scalable process in which the tools don’t require ongoing maintenance, freeing up the teams to focus on value delivery instead of building and maintaining scripts and frameworks.”

    The test automation platform was created to help modern software development teams test and deploy products fast, consistently, and at scale. This is a long-standing difficulty for modern engineers, which explains the increasing attention towards Testsigma. Furthermore, Software delivery is now faster than ever before, thanks to an increased focus on automation and DevOps.

    “Test automation is a problem faced by every organization, more so these days when release cycles are getting shorter. We are very excited to partner with Testsigma. It is an incredibly comprehensive, easy-to-use test automation platform that caters to every testing requirement of an organization,” said Abhinav Chaturvedi, partner at Accel.

    According to a World Quality Report, The test automation market is increasing at a healthy 20% per year, and by 2025, it will be worth $50 billion. More than 80% of firms are currently constructing their own bespoke test automation stack from the start, and more than 63 percent of these are seeking for smart testing solutions to speed up their releases.

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