TestFlix eBook launched by The Test Tribe


    TestFlix software conference from ‘The Test Tribe‘ was aimed to create a global stage where Software Testers from maximum countries can share their knowledge via Atomic Talks with others. The conference consisted of 100 such atomic talks from speakers from around 44 countries. The conference went on for 15 hours and covered numerous time zones.

    After the success of TestFlix, The Test Tribe has launched an eBook of the conference which consists of all the resources that were covered or talked about during the event. People who missed the event and are keen to find out what was covered can now find it out in this eBook. The eBook is available for free here.

    The eBook was created by Sandeep Garg, Rahul Parwal, and Ajay Balamurugadas. The book consists of 362 pages and has the Summary, Takeaway, Mindmap, and Video of all 107 atomic talks presented at TestFlix. Some of the contents that are covered in the book are as follows:

    • Alan Page – Three Paths to Better Developer Testing.
    • Adou Wilfried N’guettia – RPA and the future for testers.
    • Ajay Balamurugadas – A-Z of Testing Tips.
    • Chris Kenst – Test Idea Catalogs for Better Testing.
    • Irja Straus – Becoming Heard As A Tester.
    • Huib Schoots – Quality Acceleration: Delivering Quality Software at Speed.
    • Kanwarpreet Singh Khurana – Changing Face of Automation Testing.
    • Tomasz Konieczny – Automated Tests as quality pipeline Data Feed.

    And many more….

    Download TestFlix eBook free of cost here –


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