SmartBear Named a Worldwide Leader in IDC MarketScapes

    SmartBear, a prominent provider of software development and quality solutions, has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Automated Software Quality and Continuous Testing for Digital Execution. The paper investigates Automated Software Quality (ASQ) adoption patterns and trends, as well as how they affect corporate success. Based on the strength of their product’s, ASQ capabilities and approach, revenue share, and distinctive position in the fast-developing industry, IDC MarketScape selected 24 companies for inclusion in the report.

    About SmartBear

    SmartBear is utilized by 16 million developers, testers, and operations engineers at 32,000+ companies, including industry leaders such as Microsoft, FedEx, Adobe, and JetBlue. It’s technologies are designed to simplify DevOps procedures while integrating smoothly with the products that people use. Test automation, API lifecycle management, collaboration, performance testing, test management, app stability and error monitoring, and more are all covered.

    “Overall, SmartBear is well-positioned to help support emerging environments as part of digital transformation initiatives and cloud testing and as an alternative to enterprise ASQ offerings with some synergistic analytics to complement those vendors focusing on security and quality,” said Melinda-Carol Ballou, Research Director, Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio Strategies at IDC. “SmartBear exemplifies what IDC is increasingly observing — a demand for intuitive, combined products at lower price points with leverage of open source and integration to core application life cycle management (ALM) systems.”

    According to the IDC MarketScape analysis, the company’s potential to reuse resources across ASQ tools throughout the SDLC can assist generate time and scale efficiencies by leveraging proven, tested, and related assets, conserving both time and money. It also emphasizes developer-led quality engagements, believing that important testing should begin early in the development cycle and be repeated frequently.

    “As organizations bridge and deploy applications across cross-functional environments, creating an end-to-end quality approach that includes API life cycle and a proactive ASQ management strategy is critical,” said Calvin Fudge, Sr. Director, Industry Analyst Relations at SmartBear. “We are happy that this IDC MarketScape cited various strengths of SmartBear, including intuitive product capabilities, breadth of the product set, and simplicity of our combined offering as compared with high-end, more expensive solutions.”

    SmartBear also provides a range of products that address the demands of businesses at various stages of quality maturity, according to the research, with a significant footprint in both developer-led and QA/tester-led quality.

    Interested users can access the full report on IDC MarketScape excerpt on ASQ and continuous testing at –

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