LambdaTest partners with Sumo Logic to enable seamless Test Analytics to Customers

    LambdaTest, the well-known cloud platform for continuous quality testing, and Sumo Logic, the renowned SaaS analytics platform for enabling credible and safe cloud-native applications, have announced a new partnership to assist organizations in leveraging test analytics to scale their engineering performance. This association will allow customers to deploy quicker by providing 360° pipeline visibility and actual data into engineering practice across the development lifecycle.

    “We’re excited to announce the partnership with Sumo Logic to help customers scale faster. Continuous testing has become crucial for engineering teams as organizations are focusing on quality and faster releases than ever before. The LambdaTest and Sumo Logic partnership solves key challenges that testers/developers face on a daily basis, including a lack of comprehensive insights into test analytics. With Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform™, customers can leverage the test data from LambdaTest to make informed decisions and increase the efficiency of their engineering teams,” said Mayank Bhola, Co-Founder and Head of Product, LambdaTest.

    With this partnership, business and SMB users will be able to monitor LambdaTest results in a tailored Sumo Logic dashboard and obtain better observations into the automation scripts to launch quality products at lightning speed. This partnership will assist them in measuring and tracking critical metrics such as test passes and failures in order to better understand testing behaviour. They will also be able to follow test and error trends, measure metrics over time, and gain extensive information into the engineering and development processes utilising usage analytics.

    “By applying Sumo Logic insights to LambdaTest, enterprises are able to set the benchmark for pipeline visibility into their engineering practices. Our ability to process massive amounts of data in a design tuned for rapid analysis creates a strong customer competitive advantage. Now, resource-constrained companies can scale development and drive innovation with a holistic view,” said John Coyle, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategic Business Operations, Sumo Logic.

    For more information about the partnership, interested people can visit: Sumo Logic integration with LambdaTest.

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