LambdaTest announces $250,000 grant to support open-source innovation in Software Testing Frameworks

    LambdaTest, the renowned cloud platform for continuous quality testing, recently announced a $250,000 grant for open-source developers functioning on testing frameworks and tools. LambdaTest hopes to promote deep-rooted innovation that will extend the boundaries for the broader Testing & QA community with this grant.

    “We are excited to announce LambdaTest’s open source grant worth $250,000. This is one of the many key initiatives that we want to take to support innovation in the testing space. The software industry is all about solving problems together and then sharing it with the world.,” said Maneesh Sharma, COO, LambdaTest.

    Open source developers who are operating on testing frameworks and tools projects and have contributed significantly or are maintainers of at least one open-source testing project are eligible to apply for the funding. They should also have a GitHub page that describes their experience and their contribution to open source initiatives and the community. Candidates should explain how the grant will benefit their initiative or community when appealing for the grant.

    “At LambdaTest, we truly believe there is a lot of innovation our open source and testing community can drive. Through the grant, we hope to trigger discussions, provide feedback, and share learnings to push our testing community forward. We are already running Selenium, Playwright, and Appium certifications to skill the community. We hope a grant like this will be pivotal in creating game-changing testing stacks that will solve today’s and future problems,” added Maneesh Sharma.

    LambdaTest has also built a GitHub Library for the community to reflect on Open Source Testing Frameworks and Tools. The firm also helps open source projects with their testing requirements by giving free software licences for the primary browser and mobile app testing platform, as well as HyperExecute, an IP-led smart test orchestration platform.

    To learn more about LambdaTest’s open source program and grant, interested people can visit Lambdatest Open-source Grants.

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