Cypress 10 released with Component Testing Beta

    Cypress announced on 1st June 2022, the release of Cypress 10 which is the platform’s most exciting release to date. Cypress version 10 introduces several significant new features, including new component testing functionality and an entirely updated user interface.

    Component Testing in Cypress 10

    While component testing was available in prior versions of Cypress as an experimental function, it is now receiving considerably more attention with Cypress 10. Cypress is competing with tools like Jest and Storybook, which are common among developers, with this capability.

    The greatest aspect is that rather than testing components using the terminal, users would be able to test them inside a browser and interact with them as well, making for an incredible developer experience. Cypress also included a setup wizard to assist those who are just starting up with component testing and set up their project for component testing.

    New Cypress App

    In addition to Component Testing, Cypress 10 now also has a new and beautiful UI. The Cypress app has been completely redesigned to update the UI, optimize operations, and better integrate into your complete development process.

    Some other highlights of Cypress 10 include:

    • Without needing to shut the browser, users can effortlessly shift between testing kinds.
    • Improved onboarding process to help users get up and operate quicker.
    • The flexibility to switch between browsers from within the Cypress app.
    • New configuration file centered on JavaScript/TypeScript for better runtime functionality.
    • Migration from prior Cypress versions is automatic.
    • Enhanced error messages to assist in problem identification.
    • In the spec list, users can see the most recent Git status.

    Bug Fixes in Cypress 10

    • A memory leak was corrected during the Cypress run for end-to-end tests started in the Firefox and Chromium browsers, reducing the total time it requires to execute a set of specs and aligning with how the browser is started once for all specs in component testing.
    • When users use Cypress.Commands.add() to add a command, an error message will be displayed.
    • If certain plugin versions are no longer supported by Cypress 10, a comprehensive error will be displayed.
    • A one-pixel left vertical margin was removed from the screenshot artefacts produced by the cy.screenshot() command in component testing, which was inadvertently included.
    • To reflect the Node 17+ changes to how DNS names are handled, the initial webpack configuration’s host setting was modified from localhost to

    “Cypress 10 is our most significant release yet, but it’s only the beginning as we usher in a new era for the future of software testing. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish and do next,” said Cypress in a blogpost on Cypress 10.

    For more details about the new version of Cypress, interested users can visit

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