BrowserStack integrates with Nightwatch.js to simplify test automation for developers

    BrowserStack, the world’s leading software testing platform, announced on 15th December that they have acquired Nightwatch.js, a prominent open-source test automation framework. Nightwatch.js will be the de-facto choice for developers thanks to this collaboration. Nightwatch.js will remain open-source and free for the foreseeable future.

    About BrowserStack

    BrowserStack is the world’s most popular software testing platform, with over two million tests run per day across 15 data centers around the world. On a highly stable cloud architecture, their technology delivers rapid access to 2,500+ genuine mobile devices and browsers, which scales seamlessly as testing needs arise. With BrowserStack, development and quality assurance teams can move quickly while providing an exceptional experience for every customer.

    “Partnering with BrowserStack gives us the resources to build for the future and scale Nightwatch to greater heights,” said Andrei Rusu, Creator of Nighwatch.js. “Our focus will be to proactively engage with the community for feedback and roll out updates to improve the core experience for developers. We’ve already launched Nightwatch 2.0 in beta, and we’re excited about the next chapter.”

    Nightwatch.js, a Node.js-based end-to-end test automation framework, is one of the quickest Selenium-based tools, with over 10.5k GitHub stars and 1 million monthly npm installations. Developers can perform and maintain tests with ease because of its simple syntax and built-in test runner.

    About Nightwatch.js

    Nightwatch.js is an open-source end-to-end testing solution for Node.js-based web applications and websites. It was created as a tool to make building automated user interface tests as simple as possible, with as little configuration and other libraries as possible. Their goal is to provide a solution that comes pre-loaded with everything developers need to quickly launch bug-free software.

    “When open-source wins, everyone wins. Many of BrowserStack’s own products are built on open-source technologies, and we know first-hand their power to bring significant change,” said Nakul Aggarwal, Co-founder, and CTO of BrowserStack. “With Nightwatch.js, we’re taking another step towards our vision of becoming the testing infrastructure for the internet—through open and inclusive development.”

    BrowserStack is doubling down on its support for the community with the addition of Nightwatch.js to its family of open-source collaborations and plans to scale such partnerships in the future. The Open Source Team at BrowserStack actively engages in and contributes to the open-source community. BrowserStack has also funded over 2,400 open source projects through its Open Source Program, allowing maintainers and contributors to test their software for free.

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