Selenium Java V/S Selenium Python


    Selenium is an open-source tool that is used for automating the tests conducted on web browsers. Selenium can be easily deployed on platforms like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solarix. The Selenium platform includes four elements for performing several functionalities – Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Webdriver, and Selenium Grid. Moreover, it supports OS (Operating System) for mobile applications like Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. The latest version that is out in the market is Selenium 4.0.

    Selenium can support several programming languages for conducting test automation. But, the primary two competitors are Java and Python. So, let’s examine the Selenium binding with both the prominent programming languages.

    Selenium with Java

    Java is a dominant, established programming language with a vast acceptance across the world. It is an ever-green programming language that has a sharp future despite its presence for years.

    Selenium with Java is popular due to the following reasons:

    • Big community support for Java
    • 80% of the Selenium testers utilize Selenium Java binding
    • More number of users of Selenium with Java
    • Execution is quicker
    • Selenium is developed using Java

    Selenium with Python

    Python is an open-source, easy-to-learn, general-purpose programming language that is widely acquired all over the world. Python is utilized in various cases some of them are Game Development, Network Programming, Web application development, Mobile Apps, Data Science, and GUI development.

    Selenium with Python is popular due to the following reasons:

    • More productivity
    • Dynamically typed language
    • Simple coding and readability
    • Widely accepted language

    Why is Selenium with Python used over Selenium with Java?

    • Simple to code and simple to read.
    • Huge numbers of programmers are familiarized with Python as a language.
    • Python operates quickly and makes use of indentation to initiate and end blocks.
    • The API utilized in python enables connecting to the browser through the Selenium.
    • Offers vibrant typing nature.
    • Moreover, the programming language is also free and accessible as open source.

    Why is Selenium with Java used over Selenium with Python?

    • In the IT industry, Java is a widely utilized language.
    • 77% of Selenium Testers use Java which makes information sharing extremely simple and quick.
    • There is an abundance of readily accessible APIs, plugins, frameworks, and libraries that support Java for test automation.
    • JVM is used in Java which makes it a platform-independent language.
    • Java IDEs provide tons of feedback on mistakes that are generally faced while coding.

    While there is no superior language to use with Selenium, both Java and Python have something different to give. 80% of the top organizations use Selenium with Java for their prevailing projects and new projects which are already in process. On the other hand, all the recent start-ups and medium-sized enterprises that are yet transitioning from manual testing to automation contemplate Selenium Python binding due to its ease of set up.

    So, which language should be selected with Selenium? It depends on numerous factors like the team’s situation, the language in use at the organization level, local support, user-friendliness, and most importantly, the satisfaction level, etc. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of both the languages and figure out which is the best for you.

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