Applitools partners with Sogeti on 2021 State of Artificial Intelligence applied to Quality Engineering Report


    Applitools, a developer of next-generation test automation platforms such as Ultrafast Test Cloud and Visual AI, announced on the 26th of July that it has partnered with Sogeti, a Capgemini Group company, on the ‘2021 State of Artificial Intelligence applied to Quality Engineering Report.’

    Sogeti brought together industry professionals like Neotys (part of Tricentis), Dynatrace, Applitools, and many more to provide practical advice on design, automation, performance, data management, security, and operations. The current release provides information on Quality Engineering and the recent trends, how to get started using AI in quality engineering techniques. From September to the end of January 2022, Sogeti will introduce each follow-on component of the full report every two weeks and will cover topics like how AI can be used to deal with challenges in the test design, ways to improve the decision-making process, and many more.

    “Businesses no longer can afford to sacrifice quality for speed and expect to succeed. As a result, engineering teams are forced to reshape their organizational structures and the tools and technologies they use to deliver greater value to the business,” said Antoine Aymer, CTO of Quality Engineering at Sogeti.

    “Just about every aspect of how to enable software quality has changed in recent years. Applitools is a pioneer in applying AI to quality engineering, and we’re excited to have them, partner, with us on this report. With their experience in the field, Applitools is well-positioned to share how top organizations are applying AI and machine learning to efficiently integrate quality into their DevOps practices and accelerate the delivery of high-quality software,” Antoine Aymer added.

    Applitools partners with Sogeti

    Applitools Visual AI is designed with hundreds of algorithms that are enforced utilizing different kinds of tools and strategies, varying from hand-coded rule-based algorithms to deep learning procedures. Data is processed and tagged automatically by complex algorithms, which are then used to build machine learning and deep learning systems.

    “Applitools is thrilled to partner with Sogeti for its ‘State of Artificial Intelligence applied to Quality Engineering Report,'” said Mark Lambert, VP of Product Marketing at Applitools. “Consumer expectations for how a web or mobile app functions, how it appears on any screen, and how accessible it is increasingly putting pressure on engineering teams to deliver. This report comes at a time where the sharp rise in AI technology usage and growing challenges surrounding time-to-market capabilities for digital products and services is top of mind for all business leaders – regardless of industry.”

    Applitools has analyzed over one billion photographs and has access to a growing amount of diverse data from tens of thousands of products since the launch of Visual AI. Each of the one billion photos that are examined contains AI-enhancing data from over 130 distinct browser and version combinations, as well as viewport information and direct user input on flaws, dynamic content, and other issues.

    Interested people can check out the report here.

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