Applitools integrates with Rally to provide Quick and Automated Bug Management


    Applitools, a next-generation test automation platform with Visual AI and Ultrafast Test Cloud announced on 11th May 2021 that it has integrated with Rally, a prominent life cycle managing platform utilized to monitor every stage of agile development of software, from planning to tracking defects. This integration comes as a part of the new Eyes 10.11 release that will enable developers and Quality Assurance engineers to easily log and manage all data collected on the bugs and how they can be fixed in a single workflow.

    Applitools Eyes Visual AI technology enables clients to test and recognize visual and functional bugs automatically. When a problem is identified, clients typically log it into a bug tracking tool such as Rally.

    Applitools integration with Rally

    Initially, Clients had to switch between Eyes and Rally to manually log, manage, and fix issues. With the Rally integration, all of the data gathered by Eyes about bugs are easily linked with Rally’s bug tracking system. Instead of handling bugs in separately on different platforms, developers and QA engineers can access all of the information, such as screenshots, steps to replicate, and environmental specifications, in one location with a single click.

    “It has always been a priority of Applitools to ensure we integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing tools and processes,” said Moshe Milman, COO of Applitools. “Integrating with Rally was a natural next step. We understand how important it is for our customers to be able to document and track all information about their application lifecycle in one place so that they can assign appropriate handoffs and close the feedback loop efficiently.”

    Due to this integration, customers that use Rally and Applitools now have a 360-degree view of the entire application development lifecycle, from UX design and development to automating tests, evaluating test results, and reporting and fixing bugs. Using the Applitools Root Cause Analysis capabilities, anyone in the appdev process, from product managers to UX designers, developers, and testers, can instantly identify the specific cause of issues and repair faults on the spot.

    “We rely on tools like Applitools for fast and efficient test automation and visual quality, they are an integral part of our automation toolbox,” said Tammie Davis, Director of Global Quality Engineering at IHG. “With the newly released Rally integration, teams will have a seamless flow for the defect triage workflow and optimizing the overall user experience.”

    After this integration, Applitools will continue to expand its integration ecosystem with more than 70 SDKs and integrations that fit seamlessly into customers’ existing workflows and tools.

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