VMware acquires infrastructure automation tool SaltStack


    VMware acquires SaltStack

    VMware Inc. has recently acquired SaltStack Inc., the company which is behind a widely operated infrastructure automation tool, to improve its vRealize cloud management software suite. The contract was declared in VMware’s virtual VMworld event, where the company released numerous new products. The terms of this acquisition have not been disclosed as of now.

    About SaltStack

    SaltStack is the main backer of Salt, an open-source tool that many information technology officials use all over the world to perform day-to-day maintenance work. The software has been downloaded more than 17 million times in 2020 independently, and it automates activities such as installing software on virtual appliances and repairing firewall configuration misconceptions.

    Ajay Singh, the head of the virtualization giant’s Cloud Management Business Unit said, “VMware will combine SaltStack’s technology with vRealize to provide an end-to-end automation solution with integrated configuration management”.

    Further emphasis on this acquisition is on cybersecurity. VMware generated a massive push in the market last year when it acquired Carbon Black Inc. for $2.7 billion and now the SaltStack contract gets it more security capabilities. With VMware’s substantial resources behind it, the SaltStack team will now be in a standpoint to speed up advancement on both of its commercial products and open-source-tool.

    By acquiring SaltStack, VMware has gained a tremendous foothold in another significant layer of IT environments as tools such as Salt play a major role in modern IT operations.

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