UiPath Reboot Work Festival 2020


    UiPath for the very first time is hosting UiPath Reboot Work Festival which will be conducted from 15th December 2020 – 17th December 2020 with automation experts and leaders from all over the world. This virtual festival will be completely packed with valuable ideas celebrating automation and its capability to facilitate people to achieve new heights. Attendees will get complete access to all sessions comprising networking with industry professionals, exclusive customer stories, hands-on interactive product demos, and much more.

    UiPath Reboot Work Festival is for anyone interested in digital transformation, automation, AI, and beyond. Here’s why everyone should attend the virtual event:

    • Attendees will see UiPath automation leaders sharing their vision for the completely automated company.
    • A distinct festival where breakthrough moments will be disclosed by the customers who made them happen.
    • The line-up of some of the world’s extensively competent automation experts who will be at your service, and will assist you at every step of your automation journey.

    Throughout the event, attendees will explore how automation is helping different organizations and can hear predictions for the trends that will shape the automation market in the near future. Each day of the Reboot Work Festival includes main-stage keynotes with a global perspective and they also have tailored their content specifically for different regions. Registration for the event can be done here.

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