Tricentis launches Vision AI – an Advanced AI-based Automation Technology


    Tricentis, one of the world’s leading testing organizations for modern cloud and enterprise applications, announced Vision AI, the main technology that will now power Tosca. Test automation technology has developed from script-based to model-based and is presently proceeding towards AI-based strategies. Vision AI is the industry’s most progressive AI-based test design and automation technology which enables organizations to address the conditions brought about by the expanding prevalence of cloud-native and enterprise application platforms.

    Tricentis’ AI-driven approach enables organizations to unravel the following test automation challenges:

    • Testing occurs too late in the process – Traditionally, applications have had to be assembled before any test automation can be created. As an outcome, test teams are often a step behind developers.
    • Heavy application customization Recent test automation solutions don’t work with both modern cloud-native and legacy technologies which compel heavy customization and refactoring, resulting in high costs paid on obtaining complex tools.
    • Support for virtual and remote applications – Whether due to restriction or other reasons, many companies are compelled to depend on remote or virtual applications. However, traditional test automation solutions do not work for remote or virtual applications, resulting in a dependence on manual testing.

    This new AI-based strategy marks the onset of a new era of test automation and will facilitate agile and DevOps teams to create automated test cases much ahead in the development procedure – commencing with only a mockup. Using self-healing abilities to adapt tests as applications change from sprint to sprint eliminates bottlenecks and delivers software innovation faster. Now, test-driven development can be attained end-to-end at the business process level.

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