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    Trending News for this week:

    New zero-day vulnerability in the Log4j Java library is already being exploited

    New zero-day vulnerability in the Log4j Java library, Photo from

    A newly found zero-day vulnerability in Apache Log4j is simple to exploit and allows attackers to take complete control of affected servers. The vulnerability is classed as severe and enables unauthenticated remote code execution as the user running the application utilizes the Java logging library.

    Researcher finds SSRF bug in internal Google Cloud project, nabs $10k bounty

    SSRF bug in internal Google Cloud project, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    David Schütz, a security researcher, recently discovered a URL parsing vulnerability that exposed an internal Google Cloud project to server-side request forgery (SSRF) attacks. Schütz discovered the vulnerability while researching Discovery Documents, data structures that give specifications for Google API services.

    Microsoft introduces fully managed Azure Load Testing Service

    Microsoft Azure Load Testing Service, Trending in Testing Software Testing news Software Testing Trends, Photo from

    Microsoft released the preview of its Azure Load Testing service on 30th November 2021. Azure Load Testing is a fully managed Azure solution that will help quality assurance (QA) testers and developers optimize their app’s scalability and performance.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    A Tester’s Rubik Cube – Your testing skills guide to stay relevant by Geosley Andrades

    The skills needed for software testers are varied, Geosley has written about 50+ skill sets required for a software tester and what skills need more focus for a successful career in the same.

    Bringing AI into Quality Assurance delivers superior results by Cigniti Technologies

    Quality Assurance (QA) is frequently overlooked. The author has written about Artificial Intelligence Testing, and has also covered how bringing AI into Quality Assurance can help in delivering superior results.

    Tips and Tricks to Write the Better Test Cases by QAble Testlab Private Limited

    Effective test cases bring quality and make an application even more accessible. In this article, the author has written about certain tips and tricks that can help users in writing better test cases.

    Performance Testing by Kerem Metin

    The author has given an overview of performance testing along with listing the various types of performance testing, and how does a performance testing process look like.


    Test Automation Framework: Build vs. Use vs. Buy by Moataz Nabil

    This is a guide by Moataz to help users get started with test automation and understand how to choose the best test automation solution for their teams.

    AI-Based Software Testing: The Future of Test Automation by Hemanth Yamjala

    Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become the buzzword and is poised to make our lives more convenient. Hemanth has written about AI-Based Software Testing and has also written how AI test automation can be the future of software testing.

    This Is How To Build An Awesome Test Automation Library by Cerberus Testing

    In this article, the author has written about how users can build an awesome test automation library using Cerberus Testing, the open-source test automation platform.

    Why No-Code Test Automation is the Future by Hena M P

    Performing mundane tasks can be at times tedious and boring. This article is about why No-Code Test Automation is the future of testing and has also listed the advantages of No-code Test Automation.


    API Testing, is necessary? by Jolivé Hodehou

    Jolivé has given an overview of API Testing, and how mastering API Testing can change the lives of a software testing specialist.

    API & Web Architecture — Security Best Practices by Abdul Wahab

    Security is also a key forerunner when building APIs. In this article, Abdul has written about certain practices to assure the security of APIs and has listed a checklist.


    Why TestNG is best test automation framework? by Prachi Dahibhate

    TestNG is a testing framework for the Java programming language. In this article, Prachi has given an overview of the TestNG framework and has explained why it is the best test automation framework.

    Proxy Agent — a tool for mobile penetration testers! by Kang Hao

    In this article, the author has given an overview of Proxy Agent, a penetration testing tool that helps automate the proxy-setting process on debugging tools.

    15 tools and techniques that full-stack software testers should know by Santhoshkumar Selladurai

    Santhoshkumar has made a list of some testing techniques and tools that every test engineer should be familiar with, that can help them to grow into a full-stack quality engineer.

    Test Automation with Cypress and Cucumber by Sandeep Parkhande

    In this article, Sandeep had given an overview of Test Automation with Cypress as well Cucumber, he has also explained the features of both and how they are different.


    My First Bug Bounties — $100 For Twenty Minutes of Work by Daniel Hunt

    In this article, Daniel has written about his first success in Bug Hunting that fetched him a bounty of $100.

    Hunting for Bugs in Shopping/Billing Feature by Samrat Gupta

    Shopping and Billing feature is commonly present in most of the web-applications. In this article, the author has listed some steps to demonstrate how bug hunters can find bugs in the Shopping Feature of web applications.

    How I Found P1 bug Due to Sensitive data exposure And Earn $$$$ by Piyush Shukla

    In this article, Piyush has written about his latest bug discovery in a private program that could have given access to other people’s data.


    As Testers, How to Unblock Yourself? by Rahul Parwal

    It is challenging to stay on track during the process of continuous learning. In this article, Rahul has listed certain strategies that can help people to stay on track.

    CI/CD Pipeline: Demystifying The Complexities by Dinakar Rayapudi

    Implementing CI/CD is a crucial step to accelerate the development, testing, and release of quality apps. In this article, Dinakar has written about the functioning of a CI/CD pipeline, its challenges, and its benefits.

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