Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #18

    We’re back with the 18th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    We at “Trending in Testing” have started an initiative ‘Global Tester Series’. As a part of this initiative, we have interviewed some amazing Software Testers and we will be sharing their responses with our community.

    Interview with Rahul Parwal

    Global Tester Series - Interview with Rahul Parwal, Software Testing

    This is an interview with Mr. Rahul. Read the interview to find out how he paved his way into the industry, what are the upcoming trends in the testing industry according to him, and much more.

    Trending News for this week:

    Test Automation University surpasses 100,000 enrolled students

    Applitools Test Automation University, Photo from

    Applitools announced on 31st October that TestAutomationU (TAU) has surpassed 100,000 enrolled students. To commemorate this achievement, TAU is holding a virtual event named “TAU: The Homecoming” on 1st and 2nd of December 2021.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Why You Need To Have Test Documentation In Software Testing by Roselyne Makena

    In this article, Roselyne has written about the importance of Test documentation, why it should be done, and what are the different types of Test documentation in Software Testing.

    Software Testing Trends Testers Need to Follow in 2022 by Bethany Wilson

    In this article, Bethany has written about some key software testing trends that testers need to follow in 2022.


    Tips for managing automation test data by Auntie Allen

    In this article, the author has written about one of the challenging problems for QA automation testers that is how to manage test data efficiency especially for API Testing.

    How To Better Handle Authentication In API Test Automation by Cerberus Testing

    In this article, the author has shared a concrete way in which users can design their tests for handling APIs authentication limiting code and duplication.


    Testing And Debugging Laravel APIs by Stephen Jude

    In this article, Stephen has written about what Laravel package is all about, and how it can help speed up the API development process.


    My Favorite Pentest Tools (Top 15) by Alexis Rodriguez

    In this article, the author has shared a list of top penetration testing tools, and has also explained what their capabilities are and what are they useful for.


    #5 Get easy Bounty {How to Exploit xmlrpc.php } by Mayank Gandhi

    In this article, Mayank has written about the vulnerability of xmlrpc.php file that he discovered in a private program.

    400$ Bounty again using Google Dorks by Haris Muthusamy

    In this article, Haris has written about has written about how he got a bounty of $400 again using Google Dorks.


    6 Mistakes To Avoid While Interviewing Lead Software Engineers by Robert Konarskis

    In this article, Robert has written about some mistakes that he and his colleagues have made while interviewing, and has shared those so others can avoid them.

    TestFlix 2021, 23rd Oct ‘21 by Melissa Fischer

    In this article, Melissa has written about TestFlix 2021 Software Testing Conference and has also mentioned some key takeaways.

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