Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #16

    We’re back with the 16th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    We at “Trending in Testing” have started an initiative ‘Global Tester Series’. As a part of this initiative, we have interviewed some amazing Software Testers and we will be sharing their responses with our community.

    Interview with Pricilla Bilavendran

    Global Tester Series - Interview with Pricilla Bilavendran, Software Testing

    This is an interview with Mrs. Pricilla. Read the interview to find out the common challenges she faced as a tester, what are the upcoming trends in the testing industry according to her, and much more.

    Trending News for this week:

    UiPath partners with Snowflake to integrate UiPath Insights with Snowflake’s platform

    UiPath partners with Snowflake, Photo from and

    UiPath, a renowned enterprise automation software company, announced a partnership with Snowflake, a data cloud company on 13th October. This partnership will integrate UiPath Insights with Snowflake’s platform.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    What is the difference between Testing and Quality Assurance? And, does it matter? by Venugopal Botla

    In this article, the author has written about some significant differences between Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing and he also highlights why it is necessary to understand them accurately.

    6 Major Challenges for Agile Testing by

    In this article, the author talks about different challenges and disadvantages that people face when starting an agile testing environment.


    Our time has come Automation Engineers by Sajitha Pathirana

    This article is for the ones who are using selenium in their test automation framework. With the launch of Selenium v4, the author has written about why the time has come to upgrade to the latest version.

    The Mindset to Embrace and Encourage Automation in Software Testing by Ravisuriya Eshwara

    In this article, Ravisuriya has listed some pointers that are necessary for having an encouraging mindset towards automation in testing.

    Too Much Test Automation by Martin Ivison

    In this article, Martin has examined four key causes which can lead to automation no longer supporting organizational goals.


    What is an API gateway, its features and implementations by Roselyne Makena

    API Gateway is a great way to interact with APIs. In this article, Roselyne has given an overview of API Gateway along with she has also listed its features and implementations.


    The Best Test Automation Framework Is by Anand Bagmar

    In this article, Anand has written about different parameters that need to be considered before deciding which is the best tool or a framework.

    The best practices test automation with Selenium WebDriver by Anton Smirnov

    In this article, Anton has discussed the best Selenium test practices for Selenium test automation, which might help in developing well-designed and scalable test suites.


    Identify Important Bugs Early by Jolivé Hodehou

    Testing is one of the important activities to contribute to the quality of software. This article lists some principles that should be used to quickly identify significant bugs.

    Notification system for your Bug Bounty Automation by Anubhav Singh

    This article talks about making a notification system for Bug Bounty Automation. It demonstrates how to send a notification to a discord server when a task is started or is finished.


    How Testers Can Benefit From Observational Learning by Prashant Hegde

    Observational learning can act as a powerful learning tool for adults. In this article, Prashant has written about how testers can benefit from observational learning.

    4 Things I Learned In My Thoughtworks Journey As QA by Rashmi Kumari

    In this article, Rashmi has written about her journey and has listed 4 important things that she learned while working at Thoughtworks as QA.

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