Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter #13

    We’re back with the 13th edition of Trending in Testing Weekly Newsletter!

    We at “Trending in Testing” have started an initiative ‘Global Tester Series’. As a part of this initiative, we have interviewed some amazing Software Testers and we will be sharing their responses with our community.

    1. Interview with Ajay Balamurugadas

    Global Testing Series - Interview with Ajay Balamurugadas, Software Testing

    This is an interview with Mr. Ajay. Read the interview to find out the common challenges he faced as a tester, his suggestions to aspiring testers, and much more.

    2. Interview with Mahathee D.

    Global Testing Series - Interview with Mahathee D Testing

    This is an interview with Ms. Mahathee, check out how she paved her way into testing, what are the common challenges she faced over the years, and much more.

    3. Interview with Pavan Pratap Dara

    Global Testing Series - Interview with Pavan Pratap Dara, Software Testing

    This is an interview with Mr. Pavan Pratap Dara, check out how he paved his way into testing, what are the upcoming trends in the testing industry according to him, and much more.

    4. Interview with Sundaresan Krishnaswami

    Global Testing Series - Interview with Sundaresan Krishnaswami

    This is an interview with Mr. Sundaresan Krishnaswami, he shares his experience in the Software Testing industry, talks about the common challenges he faced, and much more.

    Trending News for this week:

    Virtuoso Automation Hackathon 2021 powered by The Test Tribe Community

    Virtuoso Automation Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe

    Virtuoso Automation Hackathon is a two-day automation Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe. Throughout the hackathon, participants will get the opportunity to compete against hundreds of other automation and testing professionals from around the world to solve interesting web automation challenges.

    Trending Content shared by some amazing writers:


    Practical examples of using software testing techniques, p. 1– by Izabela Janota.

    Testing techniques allow processing requirements and can be divided into the black box, white box, and experience-based techniques. This article introduces all the techniques along with a major emphasis on black box.

    Shift left testing in practice by Nicholas Yaw

    This article is a reflection of his 2-year journey with specific emphasis on the shift left. It also shows how working has advanced from 2 years back and how things have reached this stage.

    How to Create a Test Plan For Software Testing by Kate Passby

    It’s important to rigorously test any new software because it improves IT security. This article explains the definition, objectives, and how a test plan can be created.


    Automated Test Scripts Shall be in the Syntax of a Scripting Language, Naturally! by Zhimin Zhan

    He has written about why simple and yet powerful scripting is the way to success in test automation and has also shared his opinion on test scripts in several languages.

    101 Assertions for automated tests by Philip Kurian

    He has prepared a list of 101 assertions that users can add to their test automation scenarios to increase their coverage.

    What types of test cases should be automated for efficient cross-browser testing? by Pragya Yadav

    She has shared some helpful tips for cross-browser testing which can help users decide which cross-browser test cases are ideal for automation.


    How to Create Readable End-to-end Tests with Cypress And Cucumber by Manuel Camargo

    He has demonstrated how users can easily create End-to-end tests using the right frameworks like Cypress and Cucumber which can help in catching bugs before deploying.

    How to Write End-to-End Tests for Chrome, Safari & Firefox Using Playwright by Marco Lüthy

    This article covers how users can write end-to-end tests for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox using Microsoft’s Playwright.


    5min 400$ using Google Dork by Haris Muthusamy

    In this write-up and he shares how he was able to find a vulnerability using Google Dorks which got him $400 in 5 mins.

    A small change, and things go in your hand: Story of a $250 bounty by Fardeen Ahmed

    In this write-up, he has shared his story about how a small change helped him get $250 in security research from Bugcrowd.


    Building Testability from a Quality Mindset by Enrique A. Decoss

    Lack of testability has always been a crucial flaw. In this article, he has listed 5 steps that his team used to improve testability in software engineering.

    5 Blogs That Changed My Software Test Engineer Life by Jolivé Hodehou

    In this article, he has provided a list of 5 blogs that changed the way he worked and enabled him to continually learn as a Software Test Engineer.

    So this is first time for you to be a QA Engineer by Sohajarwrites

    Here he has shared about his QA journey along with some mistakes he made and has also provided some tips for new people so they can avoid making similar mistakes.

    A Recipe for a great Software Tester by Garry Hahn

    This article talks about why the qualities and the skill set of a software tester are unique and what differentiates them from all the others.

    QA Life in 2021 by Kelly Chin

    In this article, she has written about her day-to-day life as a QA, how it has been interesting for her to switch to 100% remote working, and the challenges that came with it.

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