Top 5 Virtual Software Testing Conferences in November 2020


    Throughout the year the software testing and QA industry provide many opportunities to share, enhance, and network with other industry-leading professionals via conferences. Many people might look at testing as a tedious process but the people in this field know that the techniques are constantly changing, and upgrading and one way to keep up with all these changes is attending software testing conferences which allow all the testers around the world to interact and learn from other testers. 

    Why should you attend Conferences?

    • Conferences provide an opportunity to enhance software testing skills and strategies.
    • Provide insight into the latest technology and equipment dominating the industry.
    • Provides a platform where people can get recognized for their work.
    • Assists people in fulfilling their professional targets.
    • Provide an opportunity where people can interact with Industry leaders and hear from them.
    • Helps in collecting ideas for improving prevailing processes and can also find solutions to existing problems.

    During this Covid period, people have the opportunity to attend conferences from the comfort of their homes. Here we have combined a list of the top 5 virtual conferences that are going to be held in November 2020:

    1. Agile Testing Days

    • Date – 08 – 13 November 2020
    • Registration Fees – €180 (excl. VAT)
    • About – The Agile Testing Days conference by Trendig Technology Services GmbH is similar to a festival for the Agile community. Agile Testing Days Conference is devoted to delivering a diverse, inclusive, and accessible learning atmosphere for all. The conference will help all attendees in gaining insights about testing and Agile excellence.
    • Visit Site –

    2. EuroSTAR 2020:

    • Date – 17 – 19 November 2020
    • Registration Fees –

    1. Individual Ticket: €545

    2. 5-for-4 Ticket: €436 (per person)

    3. 10-for-7 Ticket: €381.50 (per person)

    • About – The annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is the longest-running and largest conference on testing in Europe with the biggest variety of topics. The 28th edition of EuroSTAR software testing conference will include live talks, half-day tutorials, inspiring keynotes, dozens of track sessions, networking & social events, an interactive Test Lab, and a virtual software testing exhibition.
    • Visit Site –

    3. TestBash:

    • Date – 20th November 2020
    • Registration Fees – $199 (Single)
    • About – TestBash by Ministry of Testing is once again coming back to New Zealand this year. This conference won’t be like others where there are back-to-back talks, instead, here attendees will be able to see the vibrant New Zealand Testing Community. TestBash will feature activities, their famous 99-second talks, and many more, they’ll also provide an opportunity where people can interact with each other, sponsors, and speakers.
    • Visit Site –

    4. TestFlix: A Global Software Testing Binge:

    • Date – 28th November 2020
    • Registration Fees – Free
    • About – TestFlix software conference from The Test Tribe is aiming to create a global stage where Software Testers from maximum countries can share their knowledge via Atomic Talks with others. Atomic talks are short yet powerful and engaging. This conference will consist of 100 such atomic talks from speakers from around 44 countries. The conference will will go on for 15 hours and cover numerous time zones. After conducting numerous Workshops, Hackathons, Meetups, Webinars, and Tribal Qonf, this is the next project of The Test Tribe.
    • Visit Site –

    5. Testing United 2020:

    • Date – 05 – 06 November 2020
    • Registration Fees – €250 (Single)
    • About – Testing United 2020 is aimed at all levels of testers, test managers, IT employees, test leads, and test consultants that come in daily contact with testing teams. This year’s topic is “Becoming Superheroes: Lessons Learned in Software Testing”. This conference will provide a platform for new testing inspiration and the conference will focus on real-life experiences of testers.
    • Visit Site –

    So here’s a list of top virtual software testing conferences for November 2020, evaluate all the options, and choose the one you things is the best. Do share it will all your friends and testers so they can too benefit from this.

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