Testsigma Launches API Testing with Effortless Test Creation and Validation

    Testsigma, an open-source, low-code test automation platform, announced the launch of their API testing feature, making test creation and execution easier. With the newest addition, users can save time creating and managing API test assertions and data sets!

    The Founder & CEO, Rukmangada Kandyala(KR) said, “Letting our customers automate and test APIs is a critical step towards our vision of building the Operating System for QA. Software quality should not be a function of coding expertise, but a result of curiosity and an empathetic understanding of user behavior. We truly believe Testsigma is ushering a new way of testing using natural language to deploy quality software, and we are already seeing thousands of empowered QA teams help deploy software 5 times faster with increased confidence.”

    What You Can Do with Testsigma’s API Testing:

    Create API tests in minutes – no coding required
    Testsigma offers truly scriptless API test assertions, saving you hours of time on creating and managing API test assertions and data sets. Now, simply enter your endpoint, choose your API method, add your header content, set your status code, and run the test! Testsigma offers a range of features for testing APIs, such as API endpoint validation, response validation, and testing for HTTP status codes.

    Flexible comparison option for response validation
    Choose the rigidity of comparing actual response values with your expected API response. You can automatically capture specific runtime data from API responses and reuse the captured runtime data in subsequent tests, giving you more control over your tests.

    Validate different REST API methods effortlessly
    Testsigma lets you save time and effort by validating APIs using different REST API methods, such as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, and PATCH. You can create data-driven API tests from multiple data sources, including XLS, CSV. With the ability to save and reuse test groups across different projects, you can streamline your testing process for greater efficiency.

    Integrate seamlessly with popular CI/CD tools
    Testsigma’s API testing feature seamlessly integrates with popular CI/CD tools, making API testing an integral part of your deployment pipeline. Real-time test execution reports provide easily customizable insights, so you can quickly identify issues and take corrective action.

    Author tests in plain English
    Testsigma is committed to making testing accessible to everyone with low-code test authoring in plain English. With the all-new API testing feature, Testsigma offers a unified testing solution for all your testing needs.

    To learn more about Testsigma’s new API testing feature and how it can benefit your testing process, check here.

    Get started by referring to this video or check the documentation.

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