testRigor launches its solution to simplify Test Automation Maintenance


    testRigor, an English-based testing system, is reducing the workload of QA teams by alleviating repetitive work and stimulating the speed of delivery with its test generation and test maintenance solution. QA teams constantly can’t produce sufficient test coverage rapidly enough because they are bogged down by test maintenance. Test maintenance frequently takes more than 50% of a QA team’s time. This is why testRigor has come up with this solution.

    The company’s purpose was to assist customers to improve their test coverage and develop thousands of tests, but they discovered QA teams wasting man-years developing hundreds of tests and then being bogged down maintaining the code. This results in QA teams having to utilize precious time to maintain regression tests, or the business decides it’s not worth the time and goes back to manual regression.

    “You have a huge test suite with tons of useless code that almost all fails. Do you want to spend years fixing it or do you want to try to figure something else out? So people figure something else, and get back to manual testing because that is the only way they can fix them,” said Artem Golubev, CEO of testRigor. “That is a big problem for companies. We want to help companies solve that in a meaningful way,” Golubev added.

    testRigor gives a browser plugin that can be utilized to list tests while testers are conducting their manual regression tests that further speeds up the test creation. The company speculates they can assist manual QA testers to create tests 20 times quicker than with Selenium and decrease test maintenance by 200 times vs Selenium.

    The second problem QA engineering teams confront is making sure they have established sufficient tests that encompass all the functionality within a solution. With testRigor, customers can not only create up to 1,000 but also it utilizes artificial intelligence to constantly learn from end-users and establish tests based on the most repeatedly used end-to-end flows from production.

    “Tests are automatically created based on mirroring how your end-users are using your application in your production plus tests which are produced to map your most important functionality out of the box. It is achieved by using our JavaScript library in your production environment to capture metadata around the functionality & flows your users are taking,” according to testRigor’s website. 

    Moreover, as testRigor uses plain English-based tests, customers can effortlessly see what occurred, and analyze the ways to discover which way is covered without having any coding knowledge. All the tests can be run on a production environment, branch, or test within minutes by running tests in parallel. With the test creation, maintenance, and automation problems solved, testRigor is striving to bring in a new era of intelligent testing.

    The testRigor system is extremely good at acceptance-level functional UI-level regression tests. Additional features comprise phone call, email, SMS, downloaded file testing and audio. It can likewise give tests for systems teams that don’t regulate the underlying code for such as RPA scenarios, MS Dynamics, SAP implementations, and Salesforce.

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