Testim Pro – AI-Powered test automation platform is now free for Startups under 20 employees

    Testim Pro, an AI-powered UI test automation platform, announced that Startups with fewer than 20 employees can use its Professional plan features for free. Eligible startups can get a free upgrade to the Professional plan, which includes capabilities like TestOps, API testing, accessibility testing, network mimicking, and more.

    About Testim

    Testim was established in late 2014 in Sunnyvale and Tel Aviv. It utilizes artificial intelligence to assist organizations in improving software quality and speeding up release cycles. Thousands of companies, including Microsoft, JFrog, and Wix, utilize Testim to run millions of tests each month and test their web applications for free as part of the Testim Community plan.

    “We have some exciting news for startup companies with less than 20 employees. You can now get the Testim Automate Professional plan for free. You’ll receive our Professional plan features with 1,000 monthly cross-browser grid runs and unlimited local runs,” tweeted Testim.

    Fast authoring and AI-powered stability were the two pillars around which the test automation platform was built. Agile teams can use fast authoring to increase test coverage and keep up with rapid releases. The AI-powered smart locators lock-in visual elements and keep tests resilient even when elements change. The test automation platform has recently also implemented TestOps capabilities such as pull requests, test status, and analytics to help businesses more efficiently develop their test automation projects and teams.

    Although growing companies, particularly those in the software industry, are releasing new products rapidly, Creating automated testing with coded open-source frameworks takes too long and necessitates regular changes. With this free Startup plan, small businesses will be able to take advantage of all of the platform’s features, including a scheduler, email validation, TestOps dashboard, and test lifecycle status, which are crucial for connecting with CI/CD pipelines and scaling application’s quality.

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