Tesla’s Superchargers bug allows free charging for non-tesla cars across Europe


    A new Tesla bug amazed Non-Tesla car owners when they found out they can charge, for free, at new V3 Superchargers in Europe where Tesla now utilizes the common CCS standard. 

    Many car owners speculated this as a new feature, although this isn’t a new feature but a bug. While most of the other electric cars on the road use the same standard and connector, it doesn’t imply that different EVs were able to make use of Tesla’s comprehensive Supercharger network.

    Electric vehicle rental company ‘Nextmove’ experimented it out with various other EVs and it appears to function with all of them:

    • BMW i3
    • Hyundai IONIQ Electric
    • VW e-Golf
    • Hyundai IONIQ Electric
    • Porsche Taycan
    • Chevy Bolt EV
    • Renault Zoe
    • VW ID.3

    As of now, the prominent assumption is that there’s a bug in Tesla’s V3 handshake that circulates the charge even if it doesn’t recognize the vehicle to be a Tesla car. No statement has been released as of now by Tesla about fixing the bug so Non-Tesla EVs can be charged for free at Tesla’s Superchargers for now.

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