Security Researcher earns $2 Million on HackerOne


    Cosmin Lordache, a Security Researcher from Romania has become the first person to receive a Bug Bounty of $2 Million from HackerOne. A year back Cosmin furthermore became the 7th person to pass the million-dollar earning milestone by reporting 468 defects through the Bug Bounty Hunting platform. Cosmin is 30 now and lives in Germany, he has been crowned The Assassin at both the h1-65 live hacking event in Singapore and last year’s h1-4420 live hacking event in London.

    HackerOne declared the first millionaire hacker, 19-year-old Argentinian Santiago Lopez, in March 2019. So far, nine bug bounty hunters have received $1 million on the platform. Australian Nathaniel Wakelam is the second-highest Bug Bounty earner behind Cosmin. To date, Wakelam has earned $1.8 Million.

    The platform earlier this month announced its decision to join AWS Marketplace and said in a statement, “As one of the first comprehensive security solutions providers offered in AWS Marketplace, HackerOne offers solutions and services to discover security risks, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations faster and remediate priority issues with the right skills and the right team”.

    Since HackerOne has launched its Bug Bounty Program, the hackers have discovered almost 170,000 security bugs. More than 700,000 ethical hackers are now using the bug bounty platform to get paid for discovering and reporting security bugs in the products of nearly 2,000 HackerOne customers. 12% of ethical hackers make over $20,000 each year only from bug bounties, while 1.1% will receive rewards worth over $350,000 yearly and 3% over $100,000 per year.

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