Sauce Labs Test data shows increase in Mobile Testing as it reaches 5 Billionth Test Milestone

    Sauce Labs Inc., a prominent provider of error reporting and continuous testing solutions, recently announced that it has surpassed the 5 billion test milestone in the previous year, averaging more than 3 million tests each day. The platforms rapid expansion underlines the growing demand on development teams to deliver high-quality code.

    Data from Sauce Labs showed that virtual and real device cloud (RDC) tests grew, with RDC testing increasing by more than 250% in the last 12 months. There was growth in newer frameworks like Espresso and XCUI, while Sauce Labs continued to see the popularity of Selenium/Webdriver testing with a 24% increase. The platform has completed more than 700 million total tests thus far in 2022, an increase from H1 2021 of nearly 25%.

    “The rapid increase in volume of tests run is testament to the stability and scalability of the Sauce Labs continuous test cloud. Not only are tests up from last year, customers are testing more each week by a magnitude of millions – with more than a 20% increase year on year,” commented Matt Wyman, Chief Customer Officer at Sauce Labs. “The continued trend toward mobile testing shows the focus on this growth area, with customers taking advantage of the reduced opex investment and management burden that come with using the Sauce Labs public and private RDC and VDC solutions.”

    Since reaching 4 billion tests in mid-2021, the organization has added network capture, device vitals, audio capture, and private device management to offer a broader holistic overview of mobile app quality.

    Interested people can check more details about Sauce Labs.

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