Sauce Labs Acquires API Fortress to strengthen Continuous Testing Platform


    Sauce Labs Inc., the provider of testing solutions that provide digital confidence, declared on 10th December 2020 that it has acquired API Fortress, a provider of modern API testing solutions for DevOps and agile teams. This acquisition will assist customers by facilitating them to simply, rapidly, and continuously test the API endpoints that make up the core of modern API-driven applications.

    The API Fortress platform allows customers to alter their API development procedures, curtail risk in the software development lifecycle, and accelerate releases. With the acquisition of API Fortress, Sauce Labs now also provides a better-detailed testing experience, which comprises API testing along with functional UI testing, front-end performance testing, and visual end-to-end testing as well as real-time test analytics and insights.

    “We’re thrilled to welcome the people and products of API Fortress to Sauce Labs,” said Aled Miles, president, and CEO, Sauce Labs. “Sauce Labs is committed to helping organizations grow their digital confidence by providing them the testing platform they need to deliver a flawless and trusted experience to their customers. Today’s announcement is further evidence of that commitment and we look forward to a bright future for API Fortress and its customers as part of the growing Sauce Labs team.”

    The acquisition of API Fortress will allow customers to deal with one of the major challenges they commonly face with UI testing. Customers executing functional UI tests on the Sauce Labs platform will be able to power API Fortress to rapidly and simply determine if there are problems at the API level that compel a more targeted set of API tests, and if required, generate and enforce those tests utilizing a powerful set of API testing abilities accessible instantly from Sauce Labs.

    “As modern web apps continue to become more API-driven than ever before, developers and QA professionals must collaborate around the API to build high-quality applications, including and especially when it comes to testing,” said John Kelly, CTO, Sauce Labs. “The acquisition of API Fortress adds another tool to the Sauce Labs portfolio that facilitates greater collaboration between testers and developers and is yet another proof point of the significant investment we’re making to support the developer community.”

    Modern API testing with API Fortress along with Sauce Labs

    API testing with API Fortress facilitates customers to supervise functional uptime, considerably reduce test sprints, and enhance code quality. API Fortress empowers developers to work in parallel with QA and testing teams throughout the API lifecycle. The API Fortress platform gives customers the capability to:

    • Monitor performance and functional uptime of live APIs – API Fortress users can track the perfect uptime of APIs through functional tests and rapidly analyze API problems before they are found out by cybercriminals or end-users
    • Create a Load Test in as little as 15 seconds – API Fortress unites functional and nonfunctional API testing, enabling users to utilize prevailing functional tests as load tests.
    • Easily create and edit functional tests – API Fortress users can easily develop their first API test in seconds.
    • Build API mocks manually or automatically from live API traffic – API Fortress users can accelerate recent API deliveries and reduce the impacts of uncertain internal environments with API mocking.

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