Salt Security enhancements make it easier to Operationalize API Security

    Salt Security, the premier API security firm, has recently introduced new additions to its next-generation Salt Security API Protection Platform, which expands capabilities in risk discovery and pre-production API testing. Deeper and earlier insights into attacker behaviors and attack patterns, visual representations of API call sequencing, and support for attack simulation prior to deploying APIs into production are among the new capabilities.

    Salt’s market-leading capabilities in real-time security are enhanced by the new features, which provide enterprises with a greater extensive picture of API utilization and the API attack surface, allowing them to increase business knowledge and accelerate event reaction time.

    About Salt Security

    Salt Security is a US-based company founded in 2016. Salt Security safeguards the APIs that are at the foundation of each modern application. Its API Protection Platform is the industry’s first patented technology for preventing the next generation of API threats, employing AI and machine learning to discover and secure APIs automatically and continually.

    “Bad actors work tirelessly to refine their tactics and techniques to make threats more difficult to detect. Successfully defending against modern, sophisticated API attacks requires solutions that can swiftly detect illegitimate activity and behavioral abnormalities in real-time,” said Elad Koren, Chief Product Officer, Salt Security.”

    The Salt Security API Protection Platform now includes the following new features:

    • Capabilities for detecting threats – New platform features assist in threat hunting and provide better light on the chain of attacker steps, allowing enterprises to perform rapid incident assessment and remedial activities.
    • Visualization of API Call Sequences – Salt is the initial API security provider to deliver a visual representation of the many paths that API calls take. This visualization demonstrates how clients engage with APIs, as well as API design problems and other usage data.
    • Contextual API security testing – Salt provides powerful attack simulation capabilities throughout the runtime, pre-production, and development processes. These simulations can assist organizations in identifying problems in business logic earlier in the life cycle, and interaction with CI/CD systems allows developers to rectify security gaps before deploying APIs.

    “Our latest platform capabilities deliver critical insights sooner and across the full API lifecycle. With increased context over time, combined with automated threat alerts, organizations can better defend themselves against attacks and fix API vulnerabilities before they can be exploited,” added Elad Koren.

    The Salt platform, which builds on its current threat identification and tracking algorithms, provides businesses with immediate, automated, and ongoing visibility into any risks or vulnerabilities inside their API ecosystem. Clients may more efficiently detect and block API assaults before malicious people achieve their goal, as well as identify anomalous API usage trends and rectify API vulnerabilities.

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