RapidAPI launches RapidAPI Testing to manage API tests


    RapidAPI, an API platform has recently launched RapidAPI Testing. This new contribution provides developers with a solution to manage and build API tests from development to deployment. It aids API types comprising GraphQL, SOAP, and REST.

    RapidAPI Testing is a monitoring and functional testing solution for APIs. It establishes functional tests for the intense validation of APIs. It also integrates with CI/CD pipelines to enhance team collaboration and It governs API tests across geographies.

    Tests can be commenced through drag and drop procedures due to pre-built integrations with the APIs incorporated in the RapidAPI Marketplace. For others, those can be entered into the test platform via the RapidAPI Enterprise Hub. Dedicated webhooks are available to run tests from Travis CI, GitHub, CircleCl, GitLab, and Jenkins. Around 100,000 API calls per month are available via the basic package. The firm gives scaled pricing through various other tiers.


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