Software Testing company Qualitest furthers Automation QA capability by acquiring QA InfoTech


    Qualitest, the world’s pure-play software testing and quality assurance company based in Israel, recently disclosed that it has acquired QA Infotech, an autonomous quality assurance company situated in India. This acquisition is anticipated to improve Qualitest’s prevailing automation testing abilities and is also expected that it will approximately triple the capacity for its substantiated offshore delivery customer service model.

    About Qualitest and QA InfoTech

    Qualitest is the world’s largest services provider of quality assurance and testing solutions. It assists companies in shifting beyond functional testing to acquire innovations such as AI, crowd-sourced UX testing, and automation. Qualitest’s worldwide service delivery platform comprises Israel, India, United States, Romania, and the UK.

    QA InfoTech is a software quality engineering and testing services provider that caters to the varying quality desires of companies varying from Fortune 500s to start-up firms. It delivers a collection of testing services from mobile, performance, automation, functional, security, accessibility, content, globalization, usability, and more. Furthermore, QA InfoTech is acknowledged as one of the QA Thought Leaders with an emphasis on innovation and knowledge sharing.

    “QA InfoTech shares a vision with Qualitest to help our clients significantly increase their speed to market through automation,” Norm Merritt, Qualitest’s CEO said in a statement. “The QA InfoTech team’s automation expertise will augment our existing offerings to increase our clients’ deployment velocity, whilst increasing our testing accuracy. Together, we can collectively leverage our core competencies to deliver the most innovative, practical, and flexible automation solutions available.”

    Qualitest and QA Infotech’s incorporated worldwide footprint will facilitate both to better serve their clients by delivering enhanced delivery capability and the best testing solutions. This will also allow the co-development of advanced testing solutions with a special emphasis on automation in a digital environment. The acquisition further adds nearly 1,000 highly qualified testing specialists to Qualitest.

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