QonfX 2023 – Embracing The Future of Testing by The Test Tribe

    QonfX 2023 is an online international software testing conference by The Test Tribe with a focus on the future of testing. The event will feature 10 Live Talks across various trending themes.

    The details of event are as follows:

    The Instructor Lineup for QonfX 2023 is as follows:

    • Mukund Zalke
    • Vikas Mittal
    • Sowmya Sridharamurthy
    • Sahil Puri
    • Pooja Tyagii
    • Rakesh Lokireddy
    • Siddharth Shukla
    • Leandro Melendez
    • Ajay Balamurugadas
    • George Ukkuru

    QonfX 2023 will feature 17 Live Talks where the speakers will be talking on the Future of Testing. The conference will cover various themes like AI/ML, Blockchain, Web 3.0, 5 G and many more.

    For further details and registration for the event visit QonfX 2023 – Embracing the future of Testing.

    About The Test Tribe

    The Test Tribe which is India’s largest software testing community, was founded in January 2018. Fast forward to this day, the community has hosted over 200+ software testing events in India, including conferences, workshops, meetings, webinars, hackathons, and more, as well as several virtual events.

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