Pegasystems Inc. announces Pega Process AI with Self-Optimizing Process Automation


    Pegasystems Inc., the software company announced on 13th April 2021, Pega Process AI. The new Process AI is a new set of abilities of the Pega Platform that assists organizations in optimizing their business as well as customer operations in real-time.

    By instilling self-optimizing AI and management of decisions into its low-code procedure automation software, Pega delivers the solution that can intelligently triage millions of incoming client transactions, proposals, and different events at an industrial scale. This facilitates quick and beneficial event resolutions while assisting in lowering operating costs and simplifying customer and employee experiences.

    As digitalization keeps on growing, organizations are getting more attracted to process automation to better help their workers and clients. Maximum automation solutions are extremely sluggish, rigid, and can’t scale enough to evaluate the vast streams of data signals being emitted from clients that can assist organizations to make better determinations.

    Pega Process AI surges the significance of process automation by applying powerful and proven real-time AI, event stream processing, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to any business process. Utilizing hundreds of self-learning models, Process AI furthermore facilitates inefficient processes to better optimize business conclusions. It facilitates businesses to efficiently and effectively resolve events, anticipates problems before they exist so they can transmit the best client and worker experiences.

    “Slick user interfaces quickly lose their luster with customers if the back-end processes driving the actual work are too slow and inefficient to deliver on brand promises,” said Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president of product marketing, Pegasystems. “Pega Process AI combines two of Pega’s most advanced solutions – AI and intelligent automation – to help ensure promises made at the front end are promises kept at the back end. By infusing AI into our deep expertise with case management and process automation, we help clients more efficiently and effectively serve their customers and assist their employees.”

    Pega Process AI provides users the following benefits:

    • Delivering more effective services – Process AI evaluates events to differentiate which requests can be automatically processed and which require human assistance to fix. This enables organizations to rapidly and accurately make the proper servicing decisions that result in optimal client outcomes.
    • Increases process efficiency – Process AI makes use of machine learning and predictive analytics to regulate case outcomes and uncover new paths to enhance the processes. The system continues to fine-tune its procedures as situations change, which provides even more efficiencies while adapting to new variables.
    • Easy to create and modify process AI models – It delivers a low-code machine learning authoring interface that streamlines how AI models are formulated and managed over their lifecycle. Users can effortlessly revise their models as modifications are required over time.

    Pega process AI provides users extra control over their AI by giving transparency settings to assist organizations to mitigate possible obstacles and maintain regulatory compliance. It also provides vigorous self-learning abilities that can deal with outlier events when uncovered to real-world situations. With the Pega Platform, users can obtain end-to-end automation with an enterprise-grade, a low-code business automation platform that gets the work done, makes better judgments, and reduces expense, and uncertainty.

    Pega Process AI will be accessible for purchase by the end of Q2 2021 as part of the Pega Infinity 8.6 product waiver. For further information on Process AI, users can attend the annual PegaWorld iNspire virtual summit on May 4 at 9 a.m. EDT at

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