Parasoft announces new release in enterprise solutions: SOAtest, Virtualize, Selenic, and Continuous Testing Platform (CTP)


    Parasoft has prevailed as a leading company in automated software testing for more than 30 years now. Recently, they announced the 2020.2 release of Parasoft’s enterprise solutions: Selenic, Continuous Testing Platform (CTP), Virtualize, and SOAtest. These new features in the functional testing suite have shown their unwavering focus on software quality. Expanding API and UI testing to integrate platform-specific locators for Salesforce and Guidewire low-code development environments guarantees the testability of enterprise application software. This facilitates DevOps teams to provide high-quality applications sooner.  

    About Parasoft

    Parasoft assists organizations in the constant delivery of quality software. Supporting the embedded and IoT markets, their technologies decrease the effort, time, and expense of distributing reliable, compliant, and protected software by incorporating everything from a deep code inspection and unit testing to API and UI testing, along with service virtualization and complete code coverage. With all of this together, the reporting along with its analytics dashboard provides a centralized perspective of quality facilitating organizations to deliver with dignity and win in today’s most strategic ecosystems.

    Richard Sherrard, VP of Products said, “As organizations accelerate their digital transformation to leverage enterprise platforms and cloud technologies, they need confidence that their applications will continue to run smoothly and provide a positive user experience. Automated testing helps them ensure they cover all the bases for a unit, API, and UI levels at speed. Smart companies choose the Parasoft solution to make sure they can meet their business and technical goals.” 

    With their recent release, Parasoft authorizes development and QA teams to determine a target application and develop tests optimized specifically for that platform for both UI and API testing.

    • Selenic allows testers to assess the end-user knowledge by using the recorded UI attributes, which improve the AI-powered self-healing and suggestions to fix UI tests for enterprise applications.
    • SOAtest reduces the time it takes to examine APIs by automatically catching the underlying API traffic for enterprise applications and utilizing AI to transform that to API tests.
    • Virtualize and CTP provides enterprise application teams with the ability to test interaction with simulated services and APIs much before in the development procedure with considerably decreased effort and cost.

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