Opkey launches Industry’s First Marketplace for ERP Test Automation


    OpKey, a worldwide acknowledged test automation platform, recently launched the industry’s first portal called Marketplace for ERP test automation, which will be combined with OpKey, where developers will be able to make use of the addons through the Marketplace at OpKey portal.

    The new Marketplace for ERP test automation portal will include several add-ons for numerous ERPs like Oracle, Salesforce, Trackwise, SAP, etc., which will be uploaded by OpKey developers and users. These addons will be useful for those users who can subscribe to the addon and successfully utilize what it has to offer as per their requirements.

    The portal contains various categories in which add-ons are categorised, such as: Top Rated, Top Liked, free as well as paid.

    Workflow Addon – A Workflow add-on exemplifies the lifecycle of a procedure within a company. It is a set of States and Transitions, that illustrates a file or an artifact’s state in the Workflow. The Workflow can be linked differently for individual projects.

    As of now, the Marketplace has default workflows, although, the users can build custom workflows according to their requirements. However, for now, The Marketplace is only open for only OpKey users.

    The Opkey Marketplace for ERP test automation assists in finding the add-ons and other associated services required by users to simplify business requirements. Users can choose offerings and automated testing solutions as per their requirements. The Marketplace guarantees the availability of applications and delivers an unmistakable roadmap to the entire automated testing solutions.

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