OpenBots Launches RPA Automation QuickPack Services


    OpenBots, Inc., the world’s leading, enterprise-grade open source RPA platform, has been initiating modern features, capabilities, and tools to the RPA market continuously. The mission with which it was started was to remove bot licensing expenses for businesses, the OpenBots Team has established an extraordinary service offering capable of launching open-source RPA into a company and starting the evolution from expensive commercial bots to free and open source solutions.

    Recently OpenBots announced the launch of OpenBots Automation QuickPacks. The automation service agreements are formulated to give RPA ROI results in a specific duration. By combining OpenBots software along with professional RPA services, firms will be able to begin a program utilizing open-source RPA or alter their ongoing commercial license program to OpenBots’ license-free platform to decrease program expenditures and ROI barriers.

    “Whether you are looking to launch RPA for the first time or scale your existing RPA program, QuickPacks allow you to rapidly deploy a pair of custom automation for a fixed price in a fixed time frame,” said Ali Chaudhry, Chief Strategy Officer at OpenBots Inc. “We designed our RPA QuickPacks to help your organization automate faster and with intelligence.”

    QuickPacks comprise of OpenBots tool installation, two developer-made solutions or transformation from licensed RPA to open source, an OpenBots Development and Deployment training classroom, an evaluation of up to 10 operations to preference rank the productivity profits for more competent scalability, and OpenBots Standard Support for developers and RPA users. By incorporating the Standard Support within the QuickPack possession, companies can both manage and ascend their automation without purchasing both services individually.

    QuickPacks is the latest addition to the market that integrates professional services with an open-source platform; for firms that are wanting to ascend their RPA programs without improving license expenditures. With the flexibility of bot development unhindered by license fees, programs can ascend attainably and significantly.

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