OpenBots launches open-source process Automation Tool suite


    OpenBots Inc. introduced the RPA automation world with a new player in the Open Source Automation game. This is the very first completely free and open-source process automation tool suite that gives bot orchestration, discovery, and development abilities to all users through its RPA Studio, Server, and Discovery software.

    OpenBots is created on a .NET framework in C#. The OpenBots board, which has years of experience in Product Development and RPA Automation, has been operating diligently to make the software available to all. Users can now devour less time coding and more time building functional solutions on a vital, continuously enhancing framework. Bounding from discovery and advancement to scheduling and orchestration, all the tools are freely available and prioritize ease of use by developers and businesses likewise.

    “OpenBots is our attempt to fulfill a promise,” said Nangla. “We want everyone to be able to create enterprise-grade simple to complex automation, very quickly, with little effort, and at very little cost. Our slogan ‘Open Source Automation for All’ explains our initiative very clearly. We want the democratization of automation and the widespread availability of the tools.”

    The recently initiated suite includes OpenBots Studio, Server, and Discovery. In addition to these tools, they will soon be putting in a Gallery tool for shared pre-built automation, a Documents tool for OCR and ML model training, and a support program for automation monitoring, revising, and general IT. OpenBots has also set up an in-house community committee and an active public community accessible to all users for assistance 24/7.

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