Mozilla fixes a vulnerable bug that could hijack Firefox in Android browsers


    Mozilla has remedied a vulnerability in the famous Firefox browser that could have been manipulated by hackers to hijack Firefox for Android browsers. The vulnerability could redirect users to malicious websites, instructing the people to install the new browser update.

    The Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) is a simple strategy formulated to decipher the problem of service finding over a local network. The bug was discovered in the same SSDP unit of Firefox by Chris Moberly, an Australian security investigator functioning for GitLab. 

    Additionally, attackers could force exploits to take over old/obsolete routers, and spam a firm’s internal network, forcing workers to re-validate on phishing pages.

    “Although now it’s safe as the bug has been repaired in Firefox 79”, Mozilla said, “people should update to Firefox v79 as soon as possible for keeping their Android safe.”

    The new Firefox for Android now gives Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), giving a promising web experience. The ETP by default blocks many known third-party trackers, to boost customer secrecy online.

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