Moolympics: A Unique Software Testing Event


    Moolya Software Testing Private Limited is striving to change the course of testing by shifting the action from finding bugs to preventing bugs. They are trying to bring out the testers who have been able to do this in the past and want the world to know about them and their stories.

    Moolya Testing has launched Moolympics which is a competition for smart testers who are willing to share their stories with the world, with this Moolya wants to showcase the talent of these people.

    What are they looking for?

    A well written authentic story that should consist of all the necessary tech and product details. Any type of Confidential information should be avoided. The story should create an impact and should help others succeed. Right acknowledgments should be given to all the colleagues. The story should create an impact and should help others succeed.

    The first event of Moolympics is about “How We/I prevented bugs”

    Round 1:

    For round 1 of the first event, Testers who have assisted companies in preventing bugs can share their detailed stories on how they prevented it here.

    Round 2:

    Out of all the stories that will be received, Moolya will shortlist the top 5 best stories and then those stories will be put in front of a selected jury who then will decide which bug prevention story wins the top set of prizes.

    The prizes for the event are as follows:

    • 1st Prize : 15000 INR / 200 USD
    • 2nd Prize: 10000 INR / 135 USD
    • 3rd Prize: 5000 INR / 68 USD
    • 4th Prize: 3000 INR / 40 USD
    • and 5th Prize: 2000 INR / 25 USD

    Interested people can check out the further details of the event and can submit their stories here.

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