Ministry of Testing: UI Automation Week – 22nd to 26th February 2021


    Ministry of Testing has once again come up with their Automation Week and the theme for the first week of 2021 is UI Automation! The event will commence on 22nd February 2021 and will go on till 26th February 2021. The week will be completely packed with UI Automation challenges that users can access individually or as a team. The event will comprise 5 challenges that will be of 3 different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There will be a 6th bonus challenge as well.

    The various challenges in the event are as follows:

    Challenge 1 – Basic UI Check (Beginner):

    Using any UI Automation Tool, and any language users have to automate the following flow:

    • Navigate to Restful-booker-platform demo 7.
    • Fill in the Username and Password as follows:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: password
    • Assert that the ‘Create’ button emerges.

    Challenge 2 – Clean up Messy code (Intermediate): 

    • Download any one of the automation framework suites.
    • There is a lot of repetition, hard-coded values, and delicate selectors in the codebase. Refactor the code so that it is simpler to examine and has less brittleness.

    Challenge 3 – Visual Checking (Intermediate): 

    • Download any one of the automation framework suites.
    • Update the contentions in the review so that they utilize a visual testing tool to examine the visual configuration of a page.

    Challenge 4 – Automate a desktop application (Intermediate):

    • Any illustration application to be downloaded that can be used with WinAppDriver.
    • Automate a primary flow utilizing WinAppDriver.

    Challenge 5 – Update a framework to support cross-browser checking (Expert):

    • Download any one of the automation framework suites.
    • Develop a grid that will run the tests in the codebase in at least two browsers or devices simultaneously.

    Challenge 6 – Automate a Canvas/SVG based site (Bonus Challenge):

    • Using either C#, Java, JavaScript, or Python, try to automate story 1 on the Draw a Stickman site. The objective is to establish a script that will take the participants to the end.

    Testing enthusiasts who are interested in participating in UI Automation week can check out further details and can get to know more about the challenges here and can fill the form for registration here.

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