Microsoft inaugurates Power Automate Desktop to automate Desktop Workflows


    Early this year, Microsoft acquired Softomotive, with a focus on Windows. The company at its Ignite conference, inaugurated Power Automate Desktop, a recent application based on Softomotive’s technology that allows anyone to automate desktop workflows without requiring programming.

    Charles Lamanna, Microsoft’s corporate VP said, “The big idea of Power Platform is that we want to go make it so development is accessible to everybody and development includes understanding and reporting on your data with Power BI, building web and mobile applications with Power Apps, automating your tasks — whether it’s through robotic process automation or workflow automation — with Power Automate, or building chatbots and chat-based experiences with Power Virtual Agent.”

    Power Automate enables users to attach web-based applications, similar to Zapier and IFTTT. Now, with the integration of the Softomotive technology and the launch of this new low-code Windows application, it’s carrying this integration one step ahead.

    “Everything still runs in the cloud and still connects to the cloud, but you now have a rich desktop application to author and record your UI automations,” Lamanna explained.

    He also conveyed that this app is like any other Office app, like Outlook or Word. And just like the modern versions of those apps, Power Automate Desktop also gets a lot of its power from being connected to the cloud.

    Power Automate isn’t just an application for automating easy two or three-step processes, but also for multistep, complex, business-critical workflows. T-Mobile, is using this platform to automate some of the integration processes between its systems and Sprint. Another feature the company declared today is an integration between the Power Platform and GitHub, which is at present in public preview.

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