Microsoft announces new Automation Testing tool – Playwright for Python


    Microsoft recently disclosed a glimpse of Playwright for Python, which enables testers and developers to inscribe end-to-end tests in Python. The company is striving to make things simpler for developers while they are automating their tests.

    Microsoft’s Playwright for Python

    Playwright for Python gives timeout-free automation, which makes it more credible. It waits for the UI to be ready before enforcing, and makes use of an event-driven architecture that is competent to listen to precise browser events like page navigations, network requests, and DOM changes.

    According to Microsoft, automated end-to-end tests have become more crucial than ever as teams invent apps that operate on different kinds of devices. The rise in the number of targets associated with increased delivery rate has put additional pressure on the testing process, and automation is important to facilitate testing at the speed it needs to be done. The company also illustrated that frequently automated tests rely on sleep timeout to regulate the complexity of current apps, but this frequently leads to uncertain downfalls.

    This solution is designed for the modern web and can automate recent web features like web permissions, Geolocation, and emulation of mobile viewports. It also functions on all modern browser engines, including Mozilla Firefox, We Kit, and Chromium.

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