LambdaTest selects PractiTest to improve overall Testing visibility


    LambdaTest, a leading company in the browser testing solution has selected PractiTest Test Management to manage its end-to-end testing. Utilizing LambdaTest, customers can integrate multiple developer tools, conduct geo-location testing, and test locally to avoid after deployment bugs.

    About LambdaTest

    LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform and an online selenium grid that assists in both manual and automated browser compatibility testing. It is trusted by around 300K companies such as Zoho, GoDaddy, Cisco, Harvard Business Review, and many more. 

    “Before using PractiTest, the team, consisting of 35 testing members, was using Excel to manage their internal test cases. Information about testing status was obtained via discussions on Slack and Jira tickets, but as we continued to grow, we needed a more robust solution to enable us to manage all of the existing test cases and their automation status. Besides, there was also a need to include manual test cases for automation.” said Surendra Nagaura.

    Here are the main reasons why LambdaTest selected PractiTest:


    • Integration – PractiTest has a 2-way integration with Jira that is essential for the company and is also integrated with Lambdatest so they can get all the outcomes in one place.
    • Testing Visibility – PractiTest’s capabilities enable them to get full visibility about their testing coverage which in turn provides them better business value.
    • Ease of use – PractiTest is easy to use while managing testing. The system is user-friendly and enables their team to work and use it without spending a lot of time understanding how to utilize it.

    Lambda Test and PractiTest now have seamless integration and this will help users to send cross-browser compatibility issues and bugs found during testing on the LambdaTest platform directly to PractiTest which will also help testers in saving a lot of time.

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