Kubernetes releases v1.20: Major updates and features introduced


    Kubernetes 1.20 was released on 8th December 2020 and it’s the third and final release of the year 2020. This new version consists of 42 enhancements: 16 enhancements are entering alpha, 15 enhancements are moving to beta, and 11 enhancements have graduated to stable. This is one of the most feature dense release as there are more alpha enhancements than stable ones in this version.

    Major changes in Kubernetes v1.20

    The major changes introduced in v1.20 of Kubernetes are as follows:

    • API Priority and Fairness is directly enabled by default, although still in beta. Incoming proposals to kube-apiserver can be sorted by priority levels so that the administrator can determine which proposals should be satisfied first.
    • Volume snapshot processes are now stable. This enables volume snapshots to be used in production and applications that depend on a highly specific state, such as images of database files will be simpler to build and maintain with this feature.
    • Process PID Limiting is available now. This feature assures that pods cannot exhaust the number of process IDs available on a Linux host, or intervene with other pods by using up too many processes.
    • The Docker runtime is being deprecated. This means Kubernetes will now use its Container Runtime Interface product to execute containers instead of the Docker runtime.
    • Kubectl Debug is now in beta and is allowing common debug workflows to be performed from within the kubectl command-line environment.

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