Katalon – Test Automation Landscape 2020 Report highlights Current trends of Test Automation

    Katalon recently broadcasted their report on the prevailing landscape of test automation based on their analysis of 5,000+ respondents all over the world. Its objective is to gather useful insights and highlight new best practices to help the testing community in formulating solutions and data-driven strategies.

    About Katalon

    Katalon is a provider in software test automation outcomes. The company gives a platform for desktop testing, API, mobile, and web that matches teams and operations of any size, for any objective — from reports, execution, creating tests, to seamless integration with the CI/CD ecosystem. Katalon is accepted by an international community of users across 160+ countries. It is acknowledged as a leading automation tool by prestigious reports such as IT Central Station, Gartner, and Capterra. 

    “In today’s market, enterprises must compete through faster innovation and delivery of high-quality software that satisfies their end-users’ needs,” said Vu Lam, CEO of Katalon. “Our mission is to help teams build better software faster through practical, innovative, and cohesive testing solutions. And through the insights in this report, we hope to fulfill our mission by empowering you to make well-informed decisions and be prepared for the future,” he added.

    Katalon’s Report

    This report has 3 major aspects covering various characteristics of automation testing and giving a rundown of modern software development.

    1. Advancements that several users are expecting to enhance their testing knowledge and help them stay competitive.
    2. Different teams’ strategies to automation testing, determining aspects and how they impact teams when selecting testing tools. 
    3. Facts and trends that exemplify the constant adoption of test automation and why companies are stimulating adoption out of requirement.

    Here’s an overview of the Report:

    • 43% of participants prevailed in software development and IT.
    • 57% stood in industries outside of technology—telecommunication, finance, banking, telecommunication, and healthcare.
    • Open-source automation tools are still dominant in the automation landscape with 54% using Selenium, 40% using Katalon Studio, 28% using TestNG, and 21% using Appium.
    • Around 50% of test projects in QA teams are performed with test automation.
    • Almost 23.5% companies use automation for almost all of their projects.
    • 75% of the companies have applied CI/CD and DevOps practices in their projects.
    • Over half of respondents (57%), who have one year of experience in automation testing, perform their  automated testes with Katalon Studio. With teams who have spent five years in automation, their priority is to Selenium – 70% and TestNG – 44%.

    Read the Full Report

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